Does Your Dog Watch Too Much TV?

My cat used to like watching snooker, and chasing the balls on the table.

I like this comment on the article "My 14-year-old Jack Russell loves watching TV but now that he's gone deaf we have to have the subtitles on all the time, which is a bit annoying."

Leeds wrote:
I wonder why they don't like football. Maybe because the noise isn't at a constant level?

Maybe. Maybe it's the reaction of the owner. I would think (though have no evidence to back this up) that watching a soap is, in general, a calm thing to do - sit down with a cuppa and occasionally scratch doggy's ears. But watching football, the owner is more tense, nervous, leaping around and paying less attention to the dog.

But as I have don't have a dog, nor neither watch soaps nor football, I confess to just making a stab in the dark.

A pretty astute stab though I reckon.

I'm ROFL at the Jack Russell who needs sub titles. =)) =))

Our last dog never watched TV at all, he did used to like watching the goldfish tank though.

Our dog now, Mack LOVES telly if other animals are on, especially dogs. He sat all the way through ED watching 101 Dalmatians once and his eyes were almost popping out his head :)

ursh x