Free schools 'not for profit'- Nick Clegg


Nick Clegg has ruled out profit as a motive for running England's free schools, as half the 24 given the go-ahead so far prepare to open this week.

Conservative Education Secretary Michael Gove has told the BBC that profit is not needed "at the moment".

But the deputy prime minister is to say he will never allow the state-funded but semi-independent schools to become "the preserve of the privileged few".

Free schools. Yes, no, or sitting on the fence getting splinters in your derriere? (like me!)

Time will tell and so for now we can compare splinters?!

I'm not flashing my bum for anyone Ursh! But whatever floats your boat!!!

No from me.

1) There is no guarantee that they will provide a proper standard of teaching as Free Schools have no requirement even to employ qualified teachers. They can hire cleaners and bouncers and tell parents that they are "teachers" and no-one will be any the wiser,

2) No curriculum requirements, so how do we know they're not teaching Holocaust denial or creationism? An awful lot of the first wave of schools seem to be based on religious fundamentalism of one sort or another.

3) I don't like the idea of the sort of children that you'd be mixing with. I'm not sure that I want my kid mixing with the children of people who are prepared to gamble on their children's education.