Behind the Bike Sheds - September Edition


And once again


Back to school for most of our children this month, I can't wait

I have no problem with him going to school, I'm looking forward to having time for me and he's desperate to go

Thats half the worry lifted from you then.  I remember es being the only one not crying for their mum to stay with them when he started.  It only made me cry even more lol.
OH has had his bio done.  They're allowing him home later, I'd dropped him off and waited while they did the bloods and brought him down, but had lo's so couldnt stay.  I'll pick him up later they're just monitoring him for a while longer.

Hope the results are good, Jacqx. Do you know how long you will have to wait?

What results?

I'm not feeling great despite the job offer 'cos OD is moping about the place, she really is a miserably cow and you know I always presume she's not feeling too good mood wise but when I ask she says nothing is wrong.  She says they have a new teacher a College and it's hard work as last year's teacher didn't teach them much.  It wouldn't surprise me if she doesn't get all Distinctions in her BTEC although she reckons she will.  Believe it when I see it. Off to get a glass of red :-)


Ive already started but mines a glass of white, its not easy with a moody teenager in the house is it kis?

exhausted today, mainly cus the boy was exhausted too and his behaviour was a tad difficult

No it isn't ST, roll on September 2012!

I over indulged last night, so no wine tonight, plus I need to collect G and his friend from a beer festival.
I could do with a drink, it's hard work trying to find student accommodation flippin Uni, on top of which my oven door exploded this afternoon. W was in the kitchen at the time, thank God he wasn't hurt, thankfully the door is safety glass so it just feel to the floor without covering the whole kitchen

I'd offer P a room here if we had one.  Don't they do the finding in the first year?

OH being sent for more tests, bloods tests can take up to a week before we'll know but thankfully bio is all clear, though until the blood results come back we wont know if he's got the all clear on that end.
Hospital concerned so have ran a few more tests so fx we find out soon, all I can say is Ive never been as glad to have medical insurance in my life.