Roald Dahl Day - fancy dress

Dd's year are having a Roald Dahl day on Wednesday, and they have to dress as a character, in a costume they have made themselves(!) They were informed of this on Friday, but she only told me tonight - so any ideas gratefully received, please. She says she wants something different to George, Danny, Charlie etc but what else is quick and easy to do?


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Sometimes, (not often) I am glad that my DD is at senior school. This is one of those occasions!!

Lol, Leeds, I imagined that might be the case, but year 7 have an 'extended learning day' (?) today, so ds has gone in last year's halloween costume!. It's a who dunnit/haunted house theme, so ok for this time of year, at least!

Even I could cope with that one!

A quick boost for this topic - it's Roald Dahl day on Tuesday 13th September this year - does your child's school have any activities planned?

Doubt it, it sounds a bit too soon. Honestly, most schools do try to give notice.

This is the first full week back. So last (partial) week was a gentle introduction, and this week is 'Brain week'. Then topics start next week - ED's will be Ancient Egypt and YD's Toys.

I could tell you what Brain week is, but I'm likely to be modded. :-)

13 September is RD's Birthday - so is Roald Dahl Day every year on that day.  

I agree it is a bit early for schools to be doing something this week though, they are more likely to  do events like this in October.

You just want to see me getting beaten my a modding stick.

Well, I do have a quiet day today ...............