Wishful Wednesday


Wishing hubby and P a safe journey to Birmingham and that whilst P is enrolling for Uni that there is someone there who can help with his accommodation problems.
I need to organise a taxi to get W to school as I have no car, I'll be able to walk him home, but by the time C's bus gets here it's too late to walk there


Safe journey for hubby and P Jacq xxx

I will probably spend most of the day lay on the settee today, im on my reduced dosed meds at the moment to help wean me off them before i start the new ones and im feeling really spaced out.  Luckily dont have anything that urgently needs doing so i will do nowt today!

OH is picking up a high sleeper bed that someone offered to us on freecycle later and Abs cannot wait!  Thats what we will be doing tomorrow, putting it all together!  

Hope everyone has a lovely day xxxx

Morning Miss P, take care

My post count has dropped drastically again, I think the developers are winding the clock backwards....

I am really struggling with the site at the moment.  I click on a page, say the Forum Index, which appears on screen but it "freezes" for 20 secs or so, such that I can't move up or down the screen.  Does this on every page, so I am being selective on what I read at the moment as it is very annoying!

Hope P's trip goes well.  Is he staying there now, in accomodation you hope he'll have, or does he enrol then come home again?

Hi Leeds,

I'm checking the site for you and reporting any problems to the developers. They're adding new features at the moment, the online/offline indicator, fixing the quotes and the post button etc.

Are you using Internet Explorer?

I get the same issue Leeds.
Michael I have IE,


He come home today, I've had an email from a private halls who have rooms available, I've rung G who will take P to see them today, really reasonable price, all bills included along with internet access so that's a bonus. He'd better like them as I am at the end of my tether with everything at the moment.

Just had a conversation with the supply teacher in charge of C's class, apparently he has to go bowling, she's adamant that he will go and I've said no he doesn't like the bowling alley, he hates bowling and the place they go has strobe lights so that rules it out too. Her reply was we'll see how it goes, my reply was to say goodbye and I then rang to speak to the head of transition but she's not there today, typical.

JacquiL wrote:
I get the same issue Leeds.

Michael I have IE,

Thanks Jacqui, I've written it up and reported it.

Morning, Fx P likes the room would be one major headache lifted for you if it all works out.

In really crappy form, have no idea why, just majorly p'd off.

Loads of washing etc been done so far.  Wiggles is sick now, he seems to have a real heavy cold and is coughing like a sea lion, making him really grumpy, well more than usual.

Well for a few seconds I had a sort of correct post count and it's rewound again....

When did taxi's get so dear. I paid out £ 5.40 for just over a mile today.

Huh - I'm getting delays as well - just put it down to the bad connection from work!  And yes, it's explorer.
Was really pleased to see the post counts back, but I see that it isn't universal...

Hope P gets settled in fine - going to uni is stressful enough without accommodation problems.

Afternoon all :)
Really slow for me here as well.
Fx for P's accomodation Jac x
Hope you're ok Miss P x
Roo's been at preschool this morning and I had a coffee with my friend.
Not doing a lot this afternoon as both of the boys are looking quite pale and they are certainly tired! x