School meeting - reporting back


well I had my meeting - and it was EXCELLENT.

I even dressed up, was terribly nervous, and it went really really well.  The head of english is going to personally do all the spoken stuff with him again in his formroom, no audience, no pressure to increase his grades, he's being given the opportunity to rewrite every piece of work.  Has been given 1-2 tuition once a week in maths and is missing P.E. for it.  Has learnt that how you write in your history and geography exams (paragraphs etc) is also marked and you lost marks for not presenting the work right - he didn't know that and had been using bullet points and things, which accounts for his low marks.  You'd have thought the teachers would have told the damned classes that presentation is also scored and they need capital letters, to mind their spelling and to structure and indent their answers.  He was just bunging down as much information as quickly as possible apparently.

The head of year learnt they weren't allowed to take english texts home.

And the head of english learnt that the teacher he has is doing random poetry rather than preparing them for the exam they have in three weeks.

So REALLY positive, and then two seperate staff approached me and asked if I'd be interested in being a parent governor - one the assistant head teacher/head of year I'd had the meeting with.  So obviously I didn't show myself up and handled the meeting ok.

All in all a good result for the boy, and a nice one for me.  I liked being asked.  The other person used to be the clerk to governors and school secretary at my kids junior school (I was a governor there) - and she pounced on me in reception having moved schools.  So I feel very flattered.  Not going to do it, but enjoying the moment.

Sounds a great outcome, and also sounds like there may be a few department meetings going on in the next few weeks!

Sounds like your meeting may help other pupils too if you have brought to the school's attention some failings amongst some of the staff.

Not failings I don't think (never had a meeting apart from disciplinary where failings were mentioned!) - but perhaps helped with some highlighting of issues for my SS that may affect other children.

Sounds like a really positive meeting, lets hope it has the desired effect for your SS and the school

Glad you had such a positive meeting, and that steps are being taken to help your SS achieve his potential.  Dare I ask if he is grateful?!

He's pleased Leeds - I think he'd written himself off a bit and sort of 'given up' - rather than try and improve he was in the 'well I'm going to leave with no qualifications so I may as well not bother' - now he is more firmly in 'with the retakes and work I'll pass them with c's' camp.

He even went to maths revision after school bless him!

Im really glad it's helped him see he can do it 

That's lovely, Corris.  I hope he continues to work hard, and comes out of it with a set of GCSEs.