Behind the Bike Sheds - September Edition


And once again


Back to school for most of our children this month, I can't wait

Hope today is just as good for him.
A miracle occurred last night, Id over heard OH on the phone to his es, he has said that he will loan him the money he needs for the car if he doesnt have it but as soon as his student loan is through he wants it back, he gave him a list of quotes for insurance and told him to arrange it himself.
Maybe saying nothing and giving him the chance to think things through for himself worked.  Now if he could work out the same with his dd...

Glad to hear that Jacqx, and hope your OH does indeed get his money back.  Mind you, if the boy has written off so many cars, I guess the insurance may be prohibitive.  It is high enough for young boys, even if they don't have a claims history. 

Lets hope the insurance is far too high

My stress levels remain high and the way things are going I don't expect them to come back down to earth any time soon.
I need a holiday without access to phone or internet!!

So glad your DH has seen some sense Jacq - now let's hope he chases up the money later and doesn't just forget about it...

Steady Jacqui, sounds like you are being messed about a lot again!

He's never made a claim on his insurance and has held a licence for 3 years now so his insurance is pretty reasonable he got a quote for £1800.  If OH doesnt chase up the money I will because most of its mine, OH has a daily lifting limit of £500 on both his cards so he'd to borrow money from me, I'll get it back from OH tomorrow.

That's a lot of money Jacq
I'm doing my best to help sort out ES's accommodation, issues with student finance etc, but he's being a real pain, the G chips in and sets P off.
G is having problems with sorting out the next step in his driving instructor stuff and I'm fed up with everything to do with it and now to top it all I've just been told that I can't have a bottle of wine as we need to tighten our belts. I will swing for him I really will

Sometimes in life you need the small pleasures to help you get through the crap.  Keep buying the wine, I may join you one of these days.
Looks like OH has forgot about his es having to pay him back and is now throwing even more money at the car, getting it lowered, new lights, different this that and the other.  Ive told him to transfer the cash back into my account as Im planning on spending it on our children, getting their winter wardrobes sorted and buying christmas presents for my es and our two children, thats it.
Decision made Im not helping him this year.  Im fed up with it, they've a mother of their own so she can actually take her tight fist out of her pocket and actually buy them a christmas present for the first time in her life or they can do without I no longer care they arent my problem,  my own kids come first.

Feeling slightly better after that rant.

Go for it girl, stick to your guns

100% behind this decision, and I think I actually feel better because of it.  My kids have missed out on a lot because of it.  Not any more.  Have spoken to sil and she's not going to be in the house over midterm as it clashes with halloween so shall be investing in the wellies and winter coats and we're off for a week to the sea.  Theres no internet no phone line, it will be bliss, OH's aunt has a caravan just up the road and has said she's going to call with wine...