I despair


P is off to Uni at the end of next week and he has just put cheese on bread and put it in the toaster. Yes you can do cheese in the toaster, but only if you put in in between 2 pieces of bread and used the basket provided.
God only knows what disasters he'll cause in halls, glad I won't have to sort it

Sounds like a typical student stunt, lol.

Rofl he is briliant!

Errrrr they don't have toasters like that in Birmingham Jacq so he'll be needing a grill!

So you sorted his accommodation then?

You could buy him a toaster bag!!  I love mine.  OH refuses to have anything to do with it!

Neither would I, nowt wrong with a grill!

What makes it more hilarious is that W knows how to do cheese toasties in the toaster and there is nearly 15 years between the two of them

Our eldest goes to Uni on sunday as well, we have got him the toaster bags to use, his cooking skills are bacon sandwiches, pasta sauces and anything that he can put in the oven like potato wedges, so should be interesting... I have no idea how he will manage his washing and ironing, I have tried believe me to get him to do it, he will have to learn now though lol.

HGT after a comment by P years ago about no clean uniform I have not done any of his washing or ironing, he learnt the hard way when he got a warning about his uniform, so I have no worries on that score

I wish I had made a stand with the washing with mine, ES creates most of our washing which is fine if its put where it should be and not on the floor in the bedroom until I have to nag for it, he has put a family wash on half a dozen times but I dont know how he thinks it gets dried after its washed lol as thats as far as it goes, I have a feeling he will be wearing things more than once lol.  Hes just started saying things like he knows how much I do for him etc, he will realise even more over the next few weeks.