Disney World, Florida


Anyone been?

(Don't know why but Mommacrab and Enterprize spring to mind?)

Any views or opinions?

I'm considering this for 2012 - planning ahead! YS will be 6 then, and ES 8/9, so should both get plenty out of it.

MIL wants us all to go out to Florida next Easter and for BIL and his family to fly down from New York. DH and I aren't keen as we don't think that the 9 of us sharing a villa will work and we don't think that MIL and FIL will be looking for the same type of holiday as us; we will probably only go to Florida once so we don't want to "waste" time by sitting round the pool at a villa for days. DH priced flights today and it would be over £3000 for the 4 of us just for flights so I think that may kill it.

We've been twice, in 2001 and then again in 2005 so OD was 10 and 14. She loved it and is desperate to go again to Harry Potter land. Villas are great but be careful not to pack so much in that you don't have time to enjoy the villa. Hotels are nearer the action but you will have to eat out and many don't do breakfast either. Nothing we went too was a disappointment, water parks are great for a more restful day and parades, evening fireworks etc are amazing. Discovery Cove is expensive and you have to book way in advance but for us it was the icing on the cake. Any questions just pm me.


We found a villa 7 minutes from the Animal Kingdom which has worked out at $100 a night and MIL found cheaper flights so we're all going. PIL have accepted that we'll be out every day and have agreed to join us some days (their argument that they did Disneyland in California in 1997 so have seen it wasn't going to wash with us) to enjoy their grandchildren.

I did Disney in California too before OD was born and it's a very different experience with kids, in a good way :-) so I am sure it would be for grandparents too!


I did Disney in California as a 7 year old (we lived in California for a year) and then DH and I went in 1996 which was completely different. We've also done Paris with a 21 month old and again with a 2 year old and a 5 year old in tow so each time has been different.

We are going for Easter 2012,  this was our last planned family holiday as the kids will be nearly 18 and 21, it was up to them and they chose Florida, we are all very excited about going and are hoping that its one to remember!

Ahh HGT that sounds wonderful! 

We had hoped to take Olly in the next couple of years but now George is here I think we'll probably wait til he's 4/5 and Olly's 9. The thought of taking the baby round there horrifies me!

And he wouldnt remember it at all, he will at least love it at 4/5 if he remembers it or not x

Its taken me a long time to reply but we went at Easter as planned and I cant even begin to tell you what a fantastic time we all had, its been quite depressing coming home, can I say that Florida has never been somewhere I have ever wanted to go to, America in general has not been on my list of travel plans but it was the kids choice and we went along with it, although the closer it got to it the more excited I got ;)   

What a truly wonderful and magical place it is, its hard to say what the best age is for you to take your kids, like I said ours were 17 and 21 and on numerous occasions I said I was pleased we had waited so long, mainly that they could ride everything and also they appreciated and would remember it all, having said that, I cant tell you how well behaved every single child I came across was and there must have been thousands, not a tantrum in sight at the queues they were in etc, a truly magical place and if you ever get the chance to go then go for it, an expensive holiday, especially for us being 4 adults but believe me it was worth every single penny/cent!