Rizzoli and Isles


Is on alibi @10pm on Tuesdays.
Perfect for all the Tess Gerristen fans - it's had rave reviews from the states if i'm right.
Came across this by accident this afternoon whilst indulging in a little *ahem* murder she wrote whilst Finn was asleep!
Looking forward to it :) x

MURDER SHE WROTE!!!!!! love it!!

I cannot wait for this will put it on V+ when the kids have gone to bed.  I wonder if any of the episodes are based on any of her books?  If that makes sense?  Like will they have the killer like in the book the apprentice etc?  

Will be brilliant.  

I would have thought it was based on her books, off to have a look!
Althought the 2 women playing the characters are nothing like I had them in my mind lol x

No mine neither!

Ive just realised i dont get Alibi on my virgin tv package :-( am gutted

Ah pants :(
I haven't watched the first one yet! x

Im gutted :sad: will have to see if i can find it online to watch.  

Do you think they are not like they are in the book? I agree that the Isles character doesn't look right...but the Jane Rizzoli woman looked EXACTLY as I pictured her! I haven't watched this series, TBH, but I've seen tons of adverts for it.

Having Just watched the first episode I take it back, Rizzoli is exactly right but I pictured her shorter. Isles is kind of right in personality but not spot on. Really enjoyed it, try and find it miss p and BFG it's def worth a watch x