Downton Abbey


I never watched the first series but I thought I'd give this a whirl last night and I really enjoyed it.   It's what I'd call proper old fashioned Sunday night telly!   Wish I'd watched the first one now, I think I've just about got the gist of it though.

Anyone else a fan?

ursh x

Yes me.

I watched it last night - but will have to catch up now with Spooks, which I also like.

I love it.  The first series was brilliant.  Ive got last nights recorded to watch and i cant wait.  Such a fab series.  

i love it, didnt watch the first series when it was first aired but they reran it at christmas and we all sat down together and watched it so the tension has been growing over this week waiting for it to come on

last night me and the older girls all sat with crisps and dips to watch it and loved every minute of it

It was brilliant Dame Maggie deserved her Emmy. She has the best lines.

My YD (16) arrived home and saw the bit with the maid and the married man (sorry don't know the characters names properly yet but the one played by Joanne Froggat) and asked me if the programme was all about her, I said not really and that there was lots going on.  Then she said "Is it called Downtown Abbey?" and I replied that it was Downton, not Downtown.   She said she thought it was called Downtown Abbey and was about the maid who was called Abbey and 'downtown' meant poor lol.

ursh x

LOL Ursh!!

Brilliant first episode, need to catch up on last nights now.  

Again Dame Maggie best lines.

I love that Moesby thought he was in with a chance with Anna.
Thomas was as vile as ever. I did remember he was gay as well  which if you haven't watched the first series that will help.

Thomas is a brilliant character so so nasty!  

Next weeks looks good, Bates is back.

Its such addictive viewing.  Im loving the costumes this series as they head into the 20s 

I love it!  Can't stand Thomas, he's a nasty piece of work and will get his come-uppance me thinks!  Love Bates :-)  Can't think of the character who is friendly with Jack but she's a nasty piece of work too!