Time delays between screens;

I have been going slowly crazy with how long it takes between screens (not TOO bad) and after I get up a screen the 'locking' it does to my computer before the orange 'live the school run' banner appears and I can navigate again.


Now between screens can be anything from 3 to 7 seconds, but then I get a frozen screen arrive and I have timed the orange banner taking anything from 11 to 17 seconds to arrive and for my page to become responsive.

That sounds such a little time written down, but sitting for seventeen seconds with a frozen laptop load after load after load is driving me potty.

Now, I don't get it on any other websites, but wondered if something was wrong with my settings, or if anyone else has the same thing going on?

The same thing is happening here

I don't see a "live the school run" banner and I don't have this problem of screens not loading up quickly.  i'm honestly not at all fussed about this, just posting it for information in case it helps the developers fix the problem.

It's so slow here Corris. If I don't have TSR up then i'm running as normal but if I have TSR up everything goes on a go slow. It is annoying when the screen freezes though x

Hideously slow here as well - getting worse if anything!

It's really slow for me too since the changes. :-(

Sorry - it's reported and the developers are looking into it. Are you using Internet Explorer?

Yes, and I appreciate that it's an Explorer fault rather than a TSR one, it's just so strange as I'm not having a problem with any other sites.