Time delays between screens;

I have been going slowly crazy with how long it takes between screens (not TOO bad) and after I get up a screen the 'locking' it does to my computer before the orange 'live the school run' banner appears and I can navigate again.


Now between screens can be anything from 3 to 7 seconds, but then I get a frozen screen arrive and I have timed the orange banner taking anything from 11 to 17 seconds to arrive and for my page to become responsive.

That sounds such a little time written down, but sitting for seventeen seconds with a frozen laptop load after load after load is driving me potty.

Now, I don't get it on any other websites, but wondered if something was wrong with my settings, or if anyone else has the same thing going on?

Yes, I think that's the problem - it's the way that our site deals with visitors using Internet Explorer - hopefully the techies will be able to fix it.

let's hope so because nearly 50% of people use IE!

I am on the verge of "retiring" for a week, and coming back to see if things have got any better.  So, if you don't hear from me from tomorrow, that is why. I have officially had enough!!

I have exactly the same and it drives me mad, to the point that I do sometimes give up!  I also use IE, but it is only this site that has this problem.  
I am pleased this was bought up, as I thought it was just me!

I know, MM, I wondered at first if it was just me doing something stupid! 

I have decided I will see how it goes today and, if there is no improvement, I will stop using the forum for a week and then come back and check if things have got better.  It sounds  pathetic thing to keep moaning about, but it just gets to you after a while!!

To those using IE - why? lol.  but seriously, what version are you using please?

As I've said, I haven't used IE for years, but I think there should be 'Help' on the main menu, then click the 'About Internet Explorer' menu item.

In the dialogue box that appears, look for the word Version and beside it you will find a number, this is your browser build version.  Click OK to close the dialogue box.

I'm on IE 9 on the laptop, not sure at work and desktop, but have the same problems on all three.

Hi everyone, we are trying to resolve this problem at this VERY SECOND, so bear with me -and please, if you can provide a bit more info please do so.

Our techies would like to know;

Which version of IE are people using (click Settings > About Internet Explorer)

Were you logged in or not when you have the loading problems?

Did it happen the first time they went to the new site or does it happen all the time (could be a caching issue or just a problem with their own internet connection)?

Going by our past conversations, i think I know the answer to these questions, but I'd be very grateful if anyone who's having a problem could pop their replies here, so I can feed back to the techies!