Pregnancy After Depo Provera - part 4

Thought i would start the new depo thread on this forum!

Hope everyone is well, and Katie hope u get a date for c/s today!

Hiya everyone! Sorry no chance of personal messages as doin this on my phone at work, n is a bit more difficult than expected!

Hi all,

Benjamin was born on Monday 8th August at 11am by c-section. He weighed in at a tiny 6lbs 5oz. We were released from hospital this evening and are looking forward to our own beds. He looks just like his big brother who is very impressed with him.

Jennifer, Thomas and Ben

oh wow Jennifer, many many congratulations to you on the arrival of Benjamin! Hope you have a speedy recovery from your C-section! Enjoy your boys

Katie xx xx xx

Bloomin hell Brandy!!! I hope you are on the mend. Thankfully the colostomy bag wont be permanent. Sorry to hear about Aiden's diagnosis, but its good that they have picked it up early and it can help give you the support you need. You make sure you look after yourselves and take it easy. Hope the pain eases soon for you.

Congratulations Jen, and welcome to the world baby Ben!! Glad you are both well, and back out of hospital.

As for us, I have news too!! On 8/8/11 I got engaged!!! Only after what feels like a million years together! Very romantic, sunset on a beach in a beautiful place, with a ring. Am pretty ecstatic, and a bit loved up! lol

Hope everyone is well, and their kids all happy and well too!

Laura and Wiidget

Welcome to baby Benjamin and well done Jennifer

Congratulations Jen!!! Welcome to the world baby Benjamin!!!! I am so pleased for you. Can't wait to see the pics!

And congratulations Laura!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Donna - mummy to Katie born 20/11/2009

Jen congrats on birth of Benjamin hope is all well in your household and Thomas is enjoying being a big brother.

Laura, how fantastic sooooo pleased for you, how us a picture of the bling!!!

Nothing new to report for us. Family life plodding along. Bella is turning into a little star so cute and funny (I am allowed to say that being her Mum lol). Sophie and Isla are now up to cruising and taking a few steps unaided. It's so much easier now they can go exploring. Definitely think they'll skip the crawling stage at nearly 14 months the lazy devils but very funny when they babble to each other.

Hope everyone's kids, Babies and babies to be are doing well and hope you're feeling better Brandy and Aidan.
Tracy - mum to Bella born 30/1/09 & twins Sophie & Isla born 28/6/10

Hiya!! Where is everyone? This place has gotten quiet recently!! Wow, Trigby, the girls are growing so fast! Bet you have a handful!! Not much going on with us. Still trying to decide what engagement ring I want. I get confused whenever I start looking. He did propose with a ring, but told me we could pick the proper one together. Now just got to find time to actually go shopping for it. We're looking at summer 2013, no rush.  How is the wonderful Benjamin? Settling into the family well? How is everyone and their darling kiddies? Hope everyone is well, and happy XxX

It has gotten awfully quiet; I keep up with most people on Facebook. . . except Brandy, because she's not there :)

Lauren should be having baby #2 soon (not sure if she's scheduled a day?) I'm anxious to see if babe is pink or blue! I know Lauren is guessing blue.

My pink one is due in a week! can't believe it!  so ready though.

Hope everyone is well

Hi Everyone,

Gosh, its soooo quiet here!  I must try to post more often . . . . .

We are all good.  Carys is 21months now and doing well.  She is off o2 and her heart and lungs are getting much stronger.  She is still tiny - 19lb at 21months but she is just lovely and so funny.  Megan is 10months and cruising around.  She is roughly the same weight as her sister now.  I am 26+3 with our little boy and feeling ok except for the dreaded SPD which is pretty bad, especially in the evenings.

Katrina and LAuren - hope all is well with you guys - any babies yet????

Jen - congrats on Benjamin, hope he is doing well.

Hello to everyone else,

Much love,

Jo x

Lauren had a little girl - Eden May - Saturday, I think.

I am still pregnant.

Congrats on your little boy Jo! and to 2 healthy little girls! any name ideas for the little boy yet?

Katrina - due today! -