Christmas activities


They seem to begin earlier every year! I was speaking to a teacher the other day and they are well into the programme of xmas 'stuff'. Not just rehersals and decorations but Christmas Literacy, Mathematics, etc etc etc...

Bit early! But maybe that's standard- is your child doing Christmas themed work already?

Ours have only just started learning the Christmas songs.  Once things get started though, it will be very hectic, and the last week frankly looks like hell on earth!  They have so few days that events are going on late into the afternoon and evening.  YS will be absolutely shattered!

There will be no Christmas books on display in my library until December 1st.  Just for the record, lol.

Lol Leeds, quite right too!

Dd started learning songs for their Christmas liturgy 'event'  last week.  I don't think they do other Christmas themed work though, until the puzzels (word searches etc) in the last week of term.

We have the school concerts next week so they have been rehearsing fo several weeks and DD2 is in the school nativity so that has been getting practised too. The Christmas fair was on Saturday so all the classes had made crafts to sell at that.

<p>One of mine is preparing&nbsp;for the nativity play next month, already learning the songs, but as we love christmas in our house he already knows most of them, we play christmas music alot at this time of year!<br /><br />
He is also taking part in the annual christmas indoor fair/sale, so that gives him something christmassy to help with and prepare for.</p>

Hi Pete, welcome to the site:D

What part is your son playing in his nativity?

ED (and the rest of the choir) are singing at the turning on of the town lights on Thursday night. So there’s been practise for that.

The Christmas fayre was last Sunday, so again lots of Christmassy things and meeting Santa.

I think the nativity is next week (7th rings a bell).

I wonder if parents take their children out of school before the end of the term (or the whole last week?) for family holidays/visits and so the schools feel compelled to bring the festivities forward?

(Of course, I wouldn’t do that. I’m just sending mine back late :evil:)

Lol, I miss all this stuff.  I really makes if feel like Christmas.

(although YD who turns 17 on Dec 28th did ask to go to a pantomime..)