Blue tits! green tits! red tits! tits up! big tits little tits! or just a tit! am talking birds here! not female ones!

sorry folks am bored! thought id start something that sound rude but isnt lol

Glad to see the word tit is not banned lol

Oh dear...lol You feeling alright love??

Shazz you should have started a thread on something like breast feeding.....

Oh yes, I love a good bottle-feeding bashing!

well lets gpo for it then! lol

OA, have you ever tried to bottle feed a coal tit? Or even a great tit?
First you have to catch the pesky little blighters (and they can fly really fast when needs be!), then position them in just the right way in your hand and then, oh boy, get them to open their beak to stuff the bottle in. Most bottles are too big to use for your average tit, so a dollys' one is better, but then you have the problem of regulating the flow of the milk. And you can bet your bottom dollar that the milk won't agree with their delicate little tums and up it all comes again all over your clothes!
So, all in all, I really wouldn't recomend bottle feeding any link of avian tit.

I always smile when I see such headings.

Made me chuckle, knew it could only be Shazz or a spammer pmsl x