Lost Christmas


This was on BBc 1 yesterday evening. It had Eddie Izzard in it and was billed as an Urban fairytale. It was a story about a boy who has things happen to him beyond his control and how he ends up on probation.


Is the link for anyone who missed it

I watched it, took a bit of getting into but very very clever & thought provoking.
I won't say anymore don't want to spoil it for anyone who hasn't watched yet.

it's on again on Saturday (Sky), I will watch it then x

Yes Corris it was very good x

I thoughly enjoyed watching this, it's nice to see Eddie Izzard stretching his acting abilities in a 'straight' role.

I only caught it by chance about half way through and it looked intriguing.  I wish I'd noticed it on the planner!

I agree about Eddie Izard and you'd never recognise him from how he used to look doing stand-up lol.

ursh x

It's on again on CBBC (freeview and sky) at 5.30pm on saturday.

I have seen Eddie Izzard in a more serious role he did a drama for USA  called The Riches with MInnie Driver and he was good in that.