Christmas memories


I always insist Alex wears something semi decent for Christmas, as a lot of his clothes are scruffy and disreputable because he's a horrid younger teenager lol. Smart in our case means a shirt. But this year, he insisted on wearing a tie too.

He suddenly looked so tall and mature and grown up that it quite took my breath away.

So that's my Christmas memory for this year.

Oh, and Alex toasting everyone round the table, including a toast to my grandparents 'for being old' *snigger*. Oh and Alex was playing a hasbro game wii game and said randomly 'Mr Potato Head' whereupon my SIL poked my bro and said Alex wants you... *double snigger* and several other funnies

What will you remember this year?

My niece (3) asking why she had an orange in her stocking from Nanny and being told all good girls get oranges, to which she replied "I should have loads then". The proceeded round the room in very gruff, low voice saying oranges. I did video her doing it, I can't explain how funny her voice was.

And watching the Lee Evans DVD I'd bought DH, with BIL & sis, never heard anyone laugh so much, it was 2 hours of complete madness & tears rolling from all the laughing. 

BIL talking to Lola their dog, like you hear people talking to a baby all cooey cooey, and she jumped on his lap & took the beer bottle out of his hand & ran away with it, as if to tell him he'd had enough...lmao.

I do love having everyone around, its the first year we haven't had a first Christmas without someone for 3 years, IYSWIM, although we remember everyone, it was a lot more settled & cheerful like it used to be.


We never see my brother on Christmas Day and his year he has one to Canada to stay with his SIL so we didn't think we would even get to talk to him. Just as we were trying to phone his MIL to get his SIL's phone number he phoned us and then Skyped us so we were all able see them all.

W being happy with each present he opened, no matter what it was, he was just so enthusiatic it was wonderful to see

OH trying to wake dd up only to make her fall back asleep by saying ho ho ho as she thought it was Santa and knew if she wasn't sleeping when Santa came she got no presents lol.

Two los opening their presents it brought back the magic of Christmas.

Going downstairs together to start on the presents under the tree, and the boys selecting not one but three of mine first, before opening any themselves.

YS pulling a cracker apart at table and knocking two drinks over - onto Mil's plate and lap.

The lounge turnng into a sea of paper and presents!

My older two girls who I know do not believe in Father Christmas anymore being over enthusiastic about it for DS & especially YD - in particular helping them to make reindeer food on Christmas Eve and then helping YD to scatter it before bedtime.

MIL asking the girls what they thought DHs favourite present was (angling that it might be the new watch she bought him) - and all the kids saying that his favourite present was definitely DS' new lego! - he keeps asking DS can he do a bit more of it!

And YD's face opening her stocking in bed with us in complete and utter awe