The Sun £9.50 holidays


The Sun have their £9.50 holidays on offer again.

I know some members have been on these holidays before.  How were the holidays/accomodation/sites?  Any site recommendations?

We're starting to collect the vouchers for the first time ever .

MissP said on a recent thread that she had been before, and was collecting again, so I guess her experience was a positive one!  Sounds like a real bargain.

I love them!  I prefer the Haven sites to the pontins or butlins ones.  Weve been to Reighton Sands, Filey in Yorkshire and also Hafan Y Mor in Wales.  Both were brilliant!  We are hoping to go to Greenacres in Porthmadog this year.  You pay £9.50 per person on certain dates and then if you want to go in some of the school holidays (not the summer holidays tho) then you pay just £15 per person.  Thats for either mon-fri or fri-mon.  You have to choose 3 parks and 3 dates and then they send you a letter with your chosen date and park.  

The park will contact you with any charges for passes etc.  It ends up working out at about £60 for the £9.50 holidays and £90 for the £15 holidays, which is far cheaper than booking direct with Haven etc.  

I love them and if you like british caravan holidays then they are the holiday for you!!  

You can choose anywhere in britain but also there are some holidays in europe too.  

We did the Daily Mail one for the first time last September.  It was torture buying the paper, but we thought we'd give it a go!

If you're used to caravan parks it's great value.  We were unfortunate in having very loud and inconsiderate neighbours which meant we got hardly any sleep and it put a real downer on it, but generally I think it's a bargain.  We don't go in for all the on-site entertainment, but used it as a cheap base just for sleep.  Which is why the noisy neighbours were particularly annoying!

For some reason I thought that dogs were permitted on some of the sites but it seems not :sad:

So if anyone needs the first token I have one going!
ursh x

We took tilly with us to Hafan Y Mor in wales Ursh.  

I looked in the guide and there is a list of 'icons' for each park, couldn't see one that meant dogs permitted.  Will take another look though thanks.

ursh x

I looked through the booklet and couldnt see the icon either, if you have a look on each parks website it will tell you there.  xx

Thanks for the comments ladies.

We shall definitely give it a go.  We usually caravan in the UK.

Fancy trying Wales as I've never been.

Oh you will ,love it Mammac, its gorgeous

I found that if you know when you want to go you can go on the parks caravan site and usually get a holiday in a better caravan for either the same price or cheape if you look about a month before you go.