ICT to be scrapped in schools



The current programme of information and communications technology (ICT) study in England's schools will be scrapped from September, the education secretary will announce later.

The subject will be replaced by compulsory lessons in more rigorous computer science and programming.

Michael Gove will call the current ICT curriculum "harmful and dull".

He will say that he will begin a consultation next week on a new computing curriculum.

He will say this will create young people "able to work at the forefront of technological change".

Speaking at the BETT show for educational technology in London, Mr Gove will announce plans to free up schools to use curricula and teaching resources that properly equip pupils for the 21st Century.

He will say that resources, developed by experts, are already available online to help schools teach computer science and he wants universities and businesses to devise new courses and exams, particularly a new computing GCSE.

What is ICT like these days in schools?  If it's anything like the ECDL I did about 10 years ago then no wonder the kids are bored!

This plan sounds good to me.

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Morecambe :))  forgive me in that case I have the most rubbish memory!

Oh OK..you got me I know you now! :)):))  Very good.

Some primary schools don't even cover basics ATM.  ES is getting a good basis in using word and Powerpoint, but I'm not sure what else is covered.

I think all primary children should be taught the basics of computer use - file saving, word, email, internet.  I also agree that any qualifications in secondary school should cover a more rigorous syllabus.

ElectronBlue wrote:

I also think blogging and emails should be part of the English curriculum.

I agree and also use of relevent software, internet sites etc in every subject.  I also think touch typing should be on the curriculum *as well as* cursive handwriting.

I think the problem is that the curriculum hasn't moved with the times.  When it was written there probably wasn't any such thing as blogs.  Everything that the average internet savvy adult can do on the internet, including things like setting up accounts and how websites and all kinds of internet services and websites are run, and there also needs to be a big section on internet safety, everything from viruses to identity theft to protecting yourself from aweirdos.

I agree with Daedy about teaching kids those basics, but IMO it should be done in primary school (and is, in many schools), so they go to secondary school already knowing those things, so they can use them in project work, as part of lessons in secondary schools and so on (and this is often also done in upper primary schools). 

thanks for that link ,Elaine, seems to be fairly comprehensive tbh,

Absolutely 100% agree with everything you've said here. They're shown (in my experience badly) how to be users and at the mist office administrators. If a child has the drive and curiosity, they usually will self teach and then really learn. The curriculum is changing, for the better, it's about time!!

Good to hear from you, lilstarr, a slightly belated welcome to the forum.