Tesco branded irresponsible over price of chocolate



apologies for ie being a daily wail story but what do you think considering a lot of supermarkets have done this and you can get the same offer is Poundland or similar

just becuase they have dropped the price does not mean you have to buy it let alone eat it the choice is up to you

I have no problem with Tesco doing this.  You don't have to buy it, or eat it.  And it looks as though they are getting a lot of publicity out of it too!

Ridiculous "news" story!

All supermarkets sell cheap chocolate, you dont have to buy it or eat it.  

Nothing wrong with eating chocolate in moderation.  Would be nice to see fruit similarly low priced, but if someone's set on eating chocolate rather than fruit, it's not going to make a difference, they'll ignore the low priced fruit and buy the higher priced chocolate.

oooeerr lets all rush out and buys loads before the prices rises.. I wonder just how many of the health watchdogs have bought the products, quite a few I bet

I will admit that I do tend to buy it when it's cheap, the other night in Morries they were selling off the Aero xmas trees and the Qualiy Street purple bars for 20p each, now i'd never buy them full price (60p for a couple of mouthfulls?..no thanks!)  but to stash in the cupboard at that price for when the fancy takes me, every time.

ursh x

I buy bulk when theyre cheap,as they usually go up to triple the price after lol

Would this be the right place to mention that Asda are selling off their christmas stock at rediculous prices? They had build your own trees (biscuits, icing and deccies) for 2p a box?

Not round here they don't Colly that's all gone now sadly 

The different supermarkets often do this offer - that's when I stock up!  Must call into Tesco on teh way to work...

I hate the bl**** health police brigade!

Dolly, I'm back in there tomorrow, would you like me to buy some and post them up to you?