Are girls allowed to wear trousers to school?

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Are girls allowed to wear trousers to school?

Natalie (via Twitter) asks: 'Are girls allowed to wear trousers to school? My daughters school says no.. In cold wear two lots of tights!'

What are the rules at your child's school?

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My DD's senior school says no trousers for girls too.  I don't think she would wear two pairs of tights, however cold she was!

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My girls are at primary school and they are allowed to wear trousers (grey but can be bought anywhere as long as they don't have decorations on them) as school uniform, and even tracksuits for PE/games in the cold weather (but shorts and T-shirt or leotard in the warmer weather).

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my girls are at secondary and almost all of the girls wear trousers

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Trousers are part of the school uniform at the primary and secondary schools my children attend.

There have been a lot of press stories over the last few months of schools banning skirts (due to breaking school rules re length etc) so trousers would be the only option.

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My girls have been able to wear trousers at all five schools they have attended.  They are state schools though.

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I remember wearing 2 pairs of tights...

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At DD's school they can wear trousers, but only those sold by the school and as they are balck with maroon pinstripes the take up is zero. M wears very thick woollen tights and says they keep her warm.
At my YS's primary school girls are not allowed to wear trousers, it was never an issue when my daughter was there as again she wore thick tights which kept her warm

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At Es school girl's and boy's uniform is trousers only, no skirts.

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At both of P's lower schools, they girls are allowed to wear either trousers or skirts, and it is the same at the middle school that she will be attending in September. The uniform was much stricter at her private school, and girls were not allowed to wear trousers there.

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My girls are allowed trousers, skirts (or taylored shorts) at their primary, several local secondaries have banned skirts recently. I was not allowed trousers or tights at all in school even in 6th form. We wore long socks and held them up as high as possible with elastic bands.