Are your children off school today?


And how do you plan to keep them occupied if they are?

I haven't heard about the boy's school yet, but they've shut for less snow before, so...?

No i dont think the girls schools are closed, not heard anything so am assuming they are open.  

Mine are open - I don't want to drive them in at all - the road is awful, but OH went to work and said as long as I can make the main road (about a mile or so) then I'll be fine.

So I shall take them in, the dog is at the vet at 9, and I need to go to a supermarket - that's my lot then, OH can pick them up on his way home in his truck and leave early to do it.  I don't like driving in the ice at all.

Roos preschool is open as far as l know. I shall attempt to get there. If we do fab if we don't than I shall turn about and get the craft stuff out - or have a snowball fight :) easy when their littlies lol x

No schools shut here, we had no snow!   I did used to like snow days though :)
Hope those of you with littlies off have a lovely day.

That does sound unpleasant Corris, take care. I hate icy conditions too. We never get gritters down our road but it's a busy enough road (rat runners, usually!) so it's an ice rink out there. I have to go out later (cat food)  and I really don't want to, I must admit.

DD's school is open.  OH drove us to the station this morning, and he and DD got their respective train/bus and I had to drive home.  Absolute nightmare - main roads were fine, but the side roads really scared me.  So I have come home, put the car in the garage and told work that I won't be going in this morning. I am only a volunteer, but still feel bad at letting them down.

Luckily, DD is sleeping at school tonight (pre arranged, OH and I are going out to see friends) so I won't have to pick her up until tomorrow when I hope the roads will be much better.

Ys went to school but his bus can't get up the last hill to the school, so he's on his way home again. Why they couldn't of checked earlier is beyond me they know that's where they can have problems.

ES school open as normal.

We haven't had any more snow since Saturday, so all main roads are ok, the streets around here are icy/slush which isn't very good, but do-able.

The primary school sent a text to say the playground/car park was closed due to snow and to walk if possible, but to take care on paths and the playground.

M was ready to go to school when she received a call to say her school was closed. C's school is closed due to transport pulling the plug last night without even consulting the school, the head is livid. 
W's school is open so I've driven through snow and ice and in freezing fog and was astounded at the number of cars without lights on. 

All at school cos we have no snow at all here. If off I get them to help out at the kennels more so the boys as they get stir crazy if couped up in the house. The lass has a very busy social life and would be off with friends no doubt. 

The sun is out here and its bliss.