My Stalker closer to home


I was watching and the first thing that came to mind was its the boyfriend right away. Then the second thing she was a vunerable young woman because he bulied her into the pics of her naked and then did a sex tape. Most folks would say she was very very stupid. I think she was blind sided by him. 

There is still pics out there of her by the way sadly not all have been taken down yet. 

Just a bit more background for those who haven't seen it (that would be me then!)

Well after reading that I am just thinking what a vile, vile man.  What punishement did he get Dolly?

As for the naked photos, well I imagine plenty of couples indulge in that sort of thing and I'd say it's pretty safe in a marriage or very stable relationship but it just goes to show you never know eh?  Shocked, really I am.

ursh x

4 months eh... well that will deter him.


he got a restraining order as well for 4 or was it 5 years. but the max he could of got was 6 months so it wont deter him at all, but because its out there he wont be in a hurry to do it again. 

I would like to know why though was it jealousy, was it a control thing, was it his sick need no one will know will they.

It only happened last October by the way. So he is just getting out now.

Did the parents want this aired now at his release to warn others. i dont think she would of thought of it really as she wanted a fresh start in her life but then she would of known it would be aired one day.