My jeans don't fit :(


Okay guys, so after 7 weeks of kidding myself that the weight I put on over Christmas is just magically going to melt away, I have woken up and realised I need to take some decisive action so I've rejoined Weight Loss Resources.   Even though I still go to the gym regularly I've obviously been eating far too much of the wrong foods!

I had great success with it a few years ago and I really need the structure and discipline of the plan.   Perhaps starting it on Pancake Day wasn't the best idea but I can't afford any more excuses!

I'm telling everyone because I'm much less likely to cop out if I do lol.
ursh x

Ursh, my eating habits havent changed since christmas.  I did try the SW for one whole day when OH tried it but as it wasnt the method I was used to it just didnt seem right for me, so I havent got back to my health eating.  Ive been starting every monday since the new year.

I have a pair of jeans I bought just before christmas and I've refused to put them on because I know they wont fit.  
Today Ive been very good but like you say its pancake tuesday.  I will definitely be starting tomorrow though as its the start of lent so its the best time for me to have to start.

Cut back on the portions, eat healthier and no wine at the weekends :sad: (I dont have a drink during the week lol)

Good luck Ursh, I know you can definitely do it.

Oh yes the old 'start on Monday' thing.   Maybe subconciously that's why I started on a Tuesday? Lol.  I just woke up and decided to go back to it, much like I did originally in 2007.   Hopefully it will work as well, in fact no - I'm sure it will as long as I stick to it!!

No wine at weekends?  Unthinkable!!

ursh x

No wine at weekend?  Or in the week?  Good grief, woman, you'll disappear down the nearest grid!

I think I mentioned a few weeks ago about a lady I know (a size 6?) saying that she had lost weight because she had given up wine as a New Year resolution as she thought she was drinking too much (not because she wanted to lose weight, iyswim).  Surely though, if you gave up the vino, wouldn't you just not put more weight on, rather than actually lose it?

Good luck to you both too.

I guess you would lose weight by giving up wine (*shudders at the thought*) if it was making up your recommended calorie allowance.

I can't imagine it, tbh.  I can first thing in the morning, but as soon as it gets to wine o'clock ................

I don't eat in the evenings, as in snacks.  I get in about 7:30pm, and OH and I have dinner any time between 8 and 9.  So I don't typically eat chocolate, crisps etc.  I think if I gave up alcohol, I would just eat instead.  I have promised myself that I am going to put diet coke in a wine glass tonight, and try and not notice.

you could always take my personal approach:-

buy bigger jeans :)

Good luck Ursh... although you always look lovely in piccies as far as I can see!

I only started having a drink again after 5 years, and wondered why I stopped (well it was to have lo's then bf etc), Im not a big drinker because I fall asleep but I noticed since I've started drinking again I do put weight on easier.
Bread and pasta are my greatest downfalls.  Im hoping lent will be my kick up the bum.  I shall get into my bikini without a muffin top lol.

Like your thinking Corris lol!
Good luck Ursh, I've been a bit lacking last week - need to try harder this week! x

Aw thanks EB and RM.

Leeds, if you drank wine and your weight stayed stable then if you gave it up you'd lose weight, unless you didn't exercise as much as usual or if you ate more to compensate for the lack of vino calories.

ursh x