Chocolate Philadelphia


Anyone tried it yet?  Asda has it on offer in tubs or mini tubs for £1 at the moment.   Thought I'd give it a whirl.  I've only eaten it off my finger so far though!   It's nicer than I thought it would be. Wondering what to have it with..mmm.

ursh x

I saw the advert last night and my first thought was Yuk!

Sounds horrid, but the people I know who have tried it swear that it's lush.

tried mine on toast and it like eating chocolate spread .

it made me think of philly and jam and when someone said yuck I said think of a cheesecake - cream cheese and strawberry spread

I make a chocolate orange cheesecake and the topping on it mixes melted Terrys chocolate orange bars with Philadelphia so I imagine it would be similar to that.

I love it! tastes just like chocolate cheesecake topping.  Nice on pancakes

I've not seen it but I can't imagine I'd like it. 

Morrisons sell something called which is cheese spread & chocolate spread, that wasn't bad. I can imagine Philly & cadburys has to be a good mix.

Mmmmmm it'll be like a chocolate cheesecake then but mixed together. 

We bought some to try today, I bet the boys of this house love it! x

Apparently if you spread it on a digestive biccie it's like an instant cheesecake. I haven't tried it myself.