Mothers Day - sunday?


Is it this weekend?  What will you do to celebrate?  And have your kids planned anything for you?

I have told them not to bother this year really, it seems to have passed me by, and I'd rather not spend any money.

I just saved the link, I'll order them after we move so they're delievered to the right place, wherever that may be...

I have high hopes for a lie in and a cup of tea from ED.  There has been some rustling and hiding of bookbag going on so YD definitely has something for me.

If they would just not squabble for a day that would be the best present ever!

DD3 has just gone out to by me a present. I know that's what she's doing as she asked me if there was anything she wanted. DD2 and DD1 will probably by me a card. I'm working from 12 on Mothers Day but may be going out for a meal on saturday with DD1 and Dh. DD1 might also bring me breakfast in bed but she forgot last year and DH did it instead. DH and I will send cards to our Mums but we don't usually buy them presents.

I will be at work .................................................

selling mother day cards to all those people that have left it to the last minute.