Free Friday


W is now able to go out so will take him out for a walk later, then home to tidy up

Have a lovely Friday everyone

yaaaay outside!!!!!!

Good news, Jac.  Enjoy your freedom!

Nothing much planned for today, here.  I saw DS had a note scrawled in his planner last night about dressing as a sports character (for Sport Relief, I imagine) which he thought was for today - but there has been no official correspondence from the school about it.  I suggested going in uniform as usual and taking sports stuff (in case).  Everyone we saw on the way to school was in normal uniform though so guess who had to bring the sports bag home with them?

I just looked on ES school website and next friday is non uniform pay a £1 for the charity plus last two lessons they are doing PE related activities.

Not much on today got some stuff to watch off the sky+ plus some houseworky stuff.

I have become completely addicted to Cowboy Trap so will watch that at 11am on BBC 1.

Oh Brandie do you do that too?

Currently I am totally addicted to restuarant impossible - it's on at 6.50am, which means I get to watch it in the morning and make lunches etc in the adverts.

I watched that, took SS to school, walked the dog, have cleaned out chickens and watered, hung out washing and am waiting on dishwasher, and looked at caravans.  I think it's a good idea, I've phoned OH and he's 'thinking about it'.

So we'll see.

I have to have to have to clean my bathrooms today, and get ready for my accountant to visit tomorrow so I can give him all my information and he can do my tax return.

Needless to say I'm still sitting on here.

Oh, and roast pork for tea.

Tescos has loin on special offer - so half of it was sweet and sour pork last night, the other half is being roasted tonight.

yeah, we have non-uniform day next Friday for sports relief - sports outfit recommended.

Peaceful day at work today - should eb fairly productive.  Glad to be here - DH is home ill so the weekend will be long enough as it is!

Hope he's better soon Fredd

Well W had a lovely time being outside, but insisted on wearing sunglasses because his eyes weren't used to the sun

Working this morning and then an appointment at the bank to sort out the fact that our ISAs were getting 0.5% interest, except the bit of paper we were given told us to go to the wrong branch. The one we were meant to be at is 3 doors down from my work so I could have worked another half hour (and earned money for it) and gone straight there. We then went to Pizza Hut for a quick lunch before I had to pick the girls up. I am now sitting here shivering and trying to muster up the energy to go to Tesco to get something for the girls' tea.

I bought a book today that I will have to take back as I bought the same book last week. I think being cooped up has addled my brain

I've done that before now, Jacqui, but not within the space of a week, lol.

And I frequently borrow books from the library that I don't realise I've borrowed before until I start reaing them.