Squiffy Saturday


Going round to my dads at 1 with simon and the kids for a boozy day (not the kids!!!)

We are introducing a kitten into the house and Tilly is not too keen!  He stayed over last night, went well but Tilly doesnt seem impressed!  Shes not gone for him but she runs away from him!  

Any tips anyone???

Hope everyone has a lovely saturday xxxxx

Morning :)
I have no idea about the kitten situation Miss P.We've never done it here x x x
Today we are baking a cake for Nanny and for us! Dad and his wife are coming over so we have her card and pics ready and we are going to make a smarties chocolate tray bake :) yummy :) 
Then this afternoon shall be filled with painting spaceships and such like :)
Have a lovely day x x x

Happy St Patrick's Day everyone!

OH out at moment but once he's back we're off to the St Paddy's Day celebrations.  As you are allowed to break your lent promise I may have a jar or two when Los are in bed just to mark the occasion.

Happy St Patricks Day  one and all
I had hoped that my aunts in Dublin would have sent some Shamrock, I know Dad got some for him and the others but I'm not driving to Mnachester just to get it
Tidying and tidying will be my lot today

MissP buy the  pet plug ins and introduce slowly as in bite size chunks separate rooms too for now till they are fully introduced. the plug in has a calming effect on them usually. good luck and is there any piccies of said kitten. It will take time though. 

I'm off to pooch camp in my area for staffies and to spend some money on the pooches and take Noona for some more socializition as she loved her play date yesterday. 4 other doggies and owners want a play date bless. I am looking forward to it actually. I also want to meet babies and smalls for Noona so she knows that it isnt just teens in the household. She loved the wee 5 years yesterday and not a murmur from her and they did pull her about a lot. 

All household things done just waiting on OH coming back 

I have just washed both cars and I am now sitting outside the church having dropped the girls off for a kids event. I am sitting here fuming because MIL's car is parked outside so she is obviously helping out. We were meant to go to hers for lunch but she wasn't well enough because she has a chest infection. So she is too ill to spend time with her own grandchildren but not too ill to spend time with random kids from the community.

Not any use to you Elaine but I reckon our mil's would get on like a house on fire - mine seems to have an allergy to spending time with my children! Don't you just love em! 
Finns projectile vomiting early seems to have.... I don't want to jinx it so let's leave it there :) x

My late MiL told me when I was marrying G not to ask her to babysit etc as she'd had enough of that with her other grandchildren and actually P wasn't a blood relative. And her family wonder why I never really liked her

That sucks Elaine but it's not your doing and you kids will soon cotton on.

Not done much today just a bit of cleaning and shopping. it's wet here again.

Today has been mixed to say the least!  Had manicure and pedicure which was lovely plus bought new shoes, boots (cheap ugg types) and birkies!  Also had a allergic reaction to something ??? and have red bumpy rash mainly on upper arms but elsewhere too + cold symptoms.  Felt so rough got appt with out of hours doc and prescibed piriton.  Pretty much had enough these last few weeks what with surgery, headaches, nausea, toothache and now this :-(

Sorry, hope everyone else had a fab Saturday.

I've had a good day. Working tomoorow so had an early Mothers Day celebration toda. Went out for lunch at an al you can eat buffet place with DH and DD3. Then spent the rest of the day just relaxing althopugh I did do online food shop. Both DD1 and 2 sent me cards with photos of them on.