Mothering Sunday


I didn't get a lie in but never mind. Not sure what is happening today. I thought it was a bit strange YS didn't bring home something from school, he left it on the bus and my friend (who's son gets dropped off after) dropped it oin to me yesterday so that was lovely.

I had a sort of lie in, W organised breakfast in bed for me, he came upstairs and told daddy he needed him downstairs NOW. He told him what to do and how I liked my toast and which jam to put on it

Hubby is out working, M is going out with a friend and I'm staying home

I got a bit of a lie in here. YD made me tea & biscuits in my tea for one thingy.. twice. She also made me some perfume which smells lucious an I am wearing, DH keeps coming back and sniffing
Me & DH been to the cemetary to leave flowers & a card for his mum.

We're off up to my sisters for lunch with Mum in a bit.

Morning, just!
I have had about half hours sleep during the night :( Finns been ill and then I was ill :( bad times and today I ache, really ache :( no energy at all but the devil child is back to normal lol :)
I have been rather spoilt today with a gorgeous yellow rose plant, a box of chocs and a lovely card :) 
Have a lovely day everyone x x x

I guilt tripped DH into taking the girls shopping last night so I got a lovely bowl of hyacinths which I can plant out once they are past and some carnations. I am about to take them to see my mum and then I might have to take them up to MIL's. I am only prepared to take them there because her mum will be there and we haven't seen her since she had her accident a few weeks ago.

Happy Mother's Day, everyone! I have had some lovely flowers from ES - well, from OH under instructions as ES is still in Afghanistan... The other two boys got me two Hairy Bikers cookery books which I sort of hinted at. Ok, I took a photo of them with my phone and bluetoothed it to OH. The boys usually choose presents by themselves but I was desperate for these!!! Unfortunately my own Mum passed away 20 years ago, but my sister and I went to the crem last weekend to take some flowers as it would have been our Nan's birthday.


Well Alex had bought me a cushion and made a card awww. I made myself breakfast, but it was a nice one, toast with fried eggs and tomatoes omnom. Alex had his tutor and I ironed. NIpped to my mum's to deliver her pressie but didn't stay long as hshe's not well and talking making her cough! Then to the allotment- half the new potatoes and maybe a third of the parsnips now in the ground whoo! Rain stopped play but we were beat anyway.

Then home, and Alex has just utterly thrashed me at a new game he just devised, using chemistry 'fact cards', nothing like a bit of sneaky revision eh?

I'll cook a nice dinner later

No lie in here. Woke up by es and OH arguing because es had the kitchen in a bomb site, not because he was doing anything for mothers day as he forgot!
OH made a kid of breakfast, toasted pancakes and a bun lol. Was very spoilt by him.

We've been to both our mums graves to leave flowers where I'd a complete break down.

I had a lie in but only because I'm drugged up on Piriton, rash no better - worse if anything :-(

OD bought me lovely flowers and card though and OH cooked a fab dinner and I managed to make pudd.

Hope you've all day a lovely Mother's Day.

I was at work to at the kennels lol!!!! 

Got my both bathrooms cleaned for me and a wee surprise gift from all the kids today. Something I wasnt expecting that's for sure.

My flooring is being laid today woohoo at long last. Cos it has been stacked in the hall all week but we have been so bloody busy all week this has been the only day to do it.