Dancing on Ice series 7


New judges  Katarina Witt and Louie Spence along with returning head judge Robin Cousins. Not sure about that hope Louie calms down a bit.

And the line up is

I recognise a few people and some (mainly the soap people never heard of). Think they nare pushing it describing Jennifer Ellison as an actress as well!
 So will you be watching on sunday itv1 6.30pm

I've not watched if, who is left?   I kept forgetting to record it and watch it back on fast forward.

Ooh and who is doing well, still Jorgi and that lad from Emmerdale?  or was it Hollyoaks?  Shows how much attention I pay lol.

ursh x

Jorgie (from Hollyoaks) and Matthew form emmerdale are the two besties. Chico, Chemmie and Jennifer are left in. Andy went this week.

I think Matthew will win overall as his sakting his much better but Jorgie puts on a great show every week.

Thanks for that, didn't realise tthere were so few left! 

chemmy out this week. Knew it would be her or jennifer. The other 3 are too good.
I tloved Jorgie's performance last night Louie must have been watching something different to me.

Anyone else still watching this?

Looks like a good final.

I just saw the results bit last night.  I agree that Jennifer wasn't as good as the others, but well done to them all for getting this far.

I know that Matthew won, who came runner up then?  I'm afraid I lost interest half way through and didn't even bother taping it to whiz through it!    

Did anyone match up to Chris Fountain or Ray Quinns standards?

Strange how you can suddenley not bother about a show you've watched for years eh?

ursh x

Jorgie was runner up. I think she danced brilliantly but so did Matthew. Both were very good.