Pick, pick, pick


That's me! Why do I feel the need to munch something every half an hour or so???

Today, so far, I've had some toast and marmite, an apple, a mini pack of biscuits, some pickled onions, and I'm already looking forward to lunch (soup and a roll, and maybe a cereal bar or some dried apricots- I've planned it already!!!)

No wonder I'ver put on half a stone since Christmas!

Is anyone else a picker, and what have you picked on today? (please, nobody say noses... lol)

I'm a picker too!  so you aren't alone.  So far I have had egg on toast for breakfast, a teacake at the cafe, an apple and orange  and now about to do lunch.  I put it down to being stuck at home at the moment [ off since shoulder surgery ].  If I am at work I can't pick, so just eat at proper times, but being at home the food seems to call my name often :))

I pick most when at work....  dread to think what I've got through today!

cereal for breakfast
a mini pack of biscuits
three sweets
lunch - sandwich and a bag of crisps
a Wispa bar
half a pack of chewing gum

think that's everything...

I had cheese on toast with tomato sauce for breakfast, how healthy eh?   Chicken and sweetcorn soup for lunch, with a salad and philly/chilli sauce wrap.  Didn't have pudding so I'm not using that as excuse for having a piece of cake with my afternoon coffee at all..oh no.

Not exactly picking but I know what you mean, sometimes I have days where I pick away.

I think if you get the nutritional balance of your meals right then you don't feel the need to picks so much.
Eggs for breakfast is one of the best things to have for staving off the nibbles.  All protien keeps you fuller for longer.  Add something wholegrain to it and you will be onto a winner!

Mmm this cake is G O O D...!

ursh x

Yes which is why i started cross stitching to keep my hands busy.

Nope, I've banned myself from picking, because when I did SW I had to keep a food diary and whilst my meals and drinks were all fabulously healthy and varied, my grazing meant I was constantly snacking on crap; a bag of crisps here, three biscuits there and it all added up. So I've forced myself to give it up, and now when I get to mealtimes, I'm genuinely hungry. Not eat-a-scabby-donkey hungry, but tummy-rumbling hungry. 

I've trained myself that when I pick do something! The past 2 afternoons have been spent in the garden, gardening and playing with the boys. We stopped for a drink and a hand ful of grapes.
I know after dinner is my weak point when I'll want chocolate so I save all my syns for then so I can have a llittle indulgence! 
Scrambled eggs with chopped bacon (no fat) is a perfect breakfast for stuffing me out till lunch x

Mmm I love scrambled egg!

I had a free trial of those Graze boxes once and they just emailed me to say I can get 3 boxes half price if I did their survey so I have.   They were really good, you can make them a pretty healthy way to graze literally if you rate the right items and bin the onces that are not so healthy.

ursh x