What are you going without?


I fell across a thread on another site, and it made me think.

I used to buy magazines, but no longer do - to be fair I could spend £10 a week on them, now I only buy the Sainsbury one.

The kids would regularly get lunch money (with 4 it was around £10 a day!) - now I make them all sandwiches.

I rarely buy drinks and sweeties when shopping, and I only go into town when I have a list of things to do - I never 'pop' anywhere any more - today I am doing shopping/going to the tip/doing a school run.  Tomorrow I probably won't use the car.

What have you stopped doing to save money but hadn't really thought about?

Like you I save up all my (going out in the car) chores and do them all at once

I take cash with me to the supermarket (add up roughly as I go round) so I can't overspend

New clothes? Hahahahah

Work lol.  OH is the only earner as our childcare costs were beyond stupid against my wages.

I dont really just jump in the car to go out anywhere unless I've to actually go anywhere.

School lunches and tuck shop money is cancelled.

OH stopped smoking, its paid for alot of other things.

The gym.  It was too far away and it cost too much not to go so back to using local resources.

I don't fritter money away on stuff the way I used to, we think purchases through and search online for the cheapest/best offer (for big stuff, not  Dolmio). I don't buy much junk food in our weekly shop, but that's more about cutting back on sugars than saving, and I've stopped my subscriptions to the papers, so I have to walk up to the paper shop if I want to fetch them. We don't get magazines so much; every now and then DH will come home with a copy of Marie Clare or Vogue (which is my own personal porn, frankly) but I baulk at the thought of spending a fiver on a magazine. 

Not sure if it's conscious cutting-back or just the fact that the price of everything has gone up so much that the disposable stuff isn't quite so disposable any more. Either way DH is most pleased!

i stopped driving the car as much. I take the girls to school in the mornings & drive to work, then thats it. I tend to plan a day with the car, for example, Mum will want to go shopping when I finish work, so I will go straight to her, then visit a friend for coffee on the way back, sometimes I arrange picks up for the charity shop or stuff for freecycle to all be on the same day.
I've found I fill the car up once a fortnight now if that, as apposed to once a week.

I have never bought magazines, I have a friend who eaisly spends £40 a week on them and she passes them on..:P

£40 a week on magazines? Oh that's the best life ever! My friend's Gran passes on her home magazines like Country Living and all that to her, then she passes them to me. It's amazing what you'll read when it's free. 

Not much has changed her tbh but takeaways, junk food  etc are a rare treat more for health than finance reasons.  Only buy mags on holiday so not that often.  We try not to pop here and there too much in the car but more on the basis of time-saving ie, make lists when we go shopping to avoid for getting things.

oh I forgot that one - takeaways have bitten the dust here too.

not really going without things as I don't buy magazines - my mum buys womans weekly and passes them to me and then when I have read them I take them to the doctors sothey have recent magazines in the surgery.

the only paper I buy is the local weekly paper

food wise have always had to budget so nothing new there DS has a packed lunch for school and I take food in to work for either eating before my shift or both that and a lunch break

work wise I like to walk to and from  when weather and daylight permit

Who takes magazines to their doctor's surgery?  I think that is an absolutely wonderful thing to do, but something i had never thought about.  I will now, though.  So thanks, Sandrap!