Anyone started yet?


I'm hopelessly behind... as usual!

well done roos - are you still not smoking?

No still not smoking Corris :) Really quite proud of myself! 
We're off to buy strawberry plants in a sec and I managed to soak and plant our raspberry cane today :) x

Roosmum! Thats AGES now, jolly well done you!

I got a couple of potato bags filled yesterday and we have put some salad, courgette, aubergine, tomato, carrot and parsnip seeds in trays on the garage windowsill. I bought more seed potatoes and a replacement mini greenhouse in Tesco this morning so the potatoes are chitting and I hope to assemble the greenhouse tomorrow.
My rhubarb is coming on well and the quince bushes are in full flower. There are also tiny buds forming on the redcurrant bushes.

Ah thanks EB x 
Ive been and bought a lovely blueberry bush, some strawberry plants and a jalapeño pepper plant. 
My seeds arrived to day so I have lavender, swede, onions, sweetcorn, leeks, cauliflowers, peppers, chilli peppers, tomatoes and carrots waiting to go in next week.
I also got a very good deal on compost from home base so all in all a productive day x

I've now managed to plant my swede, leeks, sweetcorn, pumpkin and tomatoes :) I'm on a roll :) x

Ooh well done! I got the garlic planted out yesterday, was all shooted and rooted nicely. Half my tomatoes seem to have died, good thing I planted a bajillion eh?

I cut the grass yesterday, does that count?

I think it does!
My swede has started shooting :) I get so excited when stuff 'actually' grows! The boys are so excited lol x