When I was a child I loved:


The woods- dens, pretending to be foxes or badgers, hide and seek... loved it.

extra curricular workshops- preferably nothing to do with school at all. And all day, for continuity. Later residential type holidays.

Painting, drawing, modelmaking, sculpting

Writing stories, and reading them.

Mashed potato... school mash... mmmmmm. And pilchards and cheese. preferably on the same plate.

picnics in the park.

Kylie, Jason, Tiffany at 7.... and then by 10 or so Skid Row, Def Leppard, Guns n Roses, Iron Maiden.... rofl. My musical tastes were a bit fluid at that age hehe.

What did you like when you were a child? I'm thinking primary level here, and not really things like love and stability, just the little things.

New kids on the block, Jason :X Kylie and Michael Jackson

Skateboarding and riding my bike

Meat and Potato Pies

Tony Currie

Arthur Graham

Bay City Rollers



Enid Blyton books

Marc Bolan

School dinners

Making my own clothes

Being outdoors



Having my Nan come to stay


Tidying up!

Jason & Kylie
School dinners, especially those bacon pastry whirly rolls.. oh and chocolate custard.
Staying at my grandparents.
Dad coming home from ship.
Collecting pigs & pin badges.
Little house on the prairie
The Waltons
Philip Schofield....(still love him...lol)


The A-Team (I had a crush on Hannibal)


Reading absolutely everything I could lay my hands on, not just kids' stuff (although my mum spent a long time trying to hide her copy of The Happy Hooker -she needn't have bothered, I couldn't understand the really juicy bits anyway!)


Kylie Minogue: had a t-shirt with her face on which I wore for a year. 

My Beatrix Potter tea set, spent hours forcing my Dad to drink mad crap I'd concoted using mainly Jif lemon. 

My red bike, complete with little wicker basket on the front. Fell off it once and landed in a dog poo, my mum went bonkers, as I was wearing my new bermuda shorts. 

Quantum Leap. Me and my Dad spent hours watching it. 

My brother's old lego box, which I still have.

Powdered mash, the lumpier the better. 

The soda stream. Ours had glass bottles that weighed a ton, and we never had any syrup because the rents were too tight to buy it, so we'd fizz up orange juice and watch it explode. 

Abba. I used to pretend to be Anni-Frid. My Dad would bellow up the stairs to shut that noise up. And taping the charts, trying to pause it between adverts/talking bits so I could listen again and learn the words. He'd go bezerk after hearing Charles and Eddies 'Would I Lie To You' for the fifteenth time. 

The horses and the fact I got to ride them and being at my Aunties a lot 

Abba - I used to spend hours in my grandads hallway listening to them on my tape recorder

My 'Raleigh Honey' bike and being out on it all day whizzing down country lanes

My grandads attempts at Sunday dinner, tinned new potatoes, tinned peas and packet chicken but it tasted great to me at the time


Pretending to be on Opportunity Knocks hiding behind grandads red velvet curtains and him playing Hughie Green

Black Beauty on TV and grandad giving me 'Black Beauty' rides on his back to bed.

Reading Mallory Towers and St Clares books

Grandad taking me swimming at Skipton swimming baths.

I have just realised there is a bit of a theme going on here so I better add...my grandad, the best grandad in the world, official lol.

ursh x

Awwwwww Ursh! He sounds lovely!

Oh he was, been dead 20 years and I still miss him every day.