How Champagne Savvy are you?


A friend of mine has just had a champagne tatsing evening and was quiet upset  the fact the majority of people she invited along hadn't a clue at what they were tasting.
So do you know your champagne from your babycham, your chardonnay from your non-desrcript and your savignon blanc rom your haven't clue and i so what's your favourite?

Havent got a clue!  I know i dont like champagne and thats about it!  

My fave wine is rose, either blossom hill or that julio gallo stuff!  Can you tell i dont drink very often!  

I have no idea about champagne..except you're supposed to drink it while eating strawberries? I had some in a hotel in Leeds once, the waiter thought I was a nutjob when I told him I hadn't ordered food!

I don't drink very often at all & when I do its weightwatchers white wine & soda.

Haven't got a clue either!! I either like it or I don'


Love, love, love champagne! There's always at least a few bottles of it in our wine fridge, waiting for a special occasion, Generally it's Moet and Veuve (cheap and not too nasty), but my absolute favourite is Pol Roger, it tastes smoother than some others. There's two bottles of Cristal in there too, which we were bought as wedding gifts, but I can't stand it so they'll be Olly's 18th birthday gift. DH always buys me a bottle for birthdays and Xmas, but nobody else likes it so I end up having to drink it solo...such a hard job! 

DH is very good with wines and we occasionally go to wine tasting evenings which I love. I'm ok at discerning what's what, but find it all a bit pretentious and la-de-dah. I'm just there to escape the kids and get pissed, which is frowned upon as a motto I think. 

Hate champagne, I've probably only had cheap stuff thats why.  I was given a bottle for my 40th bollinger, was told it's good stuff but 2 years later it's still there.

OA I once went wine tasting in France with friends. I had no idea what I was doing but did get told off for gulping my drink & not sipping.

I quite like champagne because it's fizzy.  I don't do much drinking - and only like fizzy things :)

I don't do snobbery though, and can't tell the difference at all.

I would have thought a 'champagne tasting' evening would be fairly costly!

My ex husbands family were awfully pretentious - we always had champagne before dinner.  I was usually too drunk to converse by the time we sat down.

I like champagne, and cava and  prosecco ..... I'm not sure I could tell the difference between them to be honest.

I'n not a fan, in fact I positively dislike the stuff!

I never really liked champagne but did get a gorgeous bottle of pink champagne and became converted.  I do like good wine and you really do get what you pay for though I'll never pass up a good tesco special though do also order wine from the wine club, my younger brother is always pretty good with wine though he tends to drink more reds and while I do like them they tend not to like me as I die a death the next day.

I quite like it but ideally only a glass or two, when I drink more it doesn't agree with me!lol

I have a vague idea of what is the good stuff eg, Lanson, Moet, Vueve Cliqcuot (?sp), Cristal, Bolinger but I could be totally wrong!lol

Quite like Prosecco and Cava too.

Tend to consider most of the above as celebration drinks though rather than everyday when I prefer vino!