Easter Eggs/Presents


It has come to my attention that I may be a bit of a meanie, as I don't buy DD an Easter egg or a present quivalent.

When she was younger, I used to do an egg hunt for her, with mini eggs and full sized eggs, but once she grew out of that I haven't bothered.  Mainly because she gets lots of eggs from relatives and friends, and they tend to just hang around not getting eaten.  So it seems like a bit of a waste.  And I have never got into the habit of buying an alternative gift.

I buy eggs for my nephew and niece, and one of DD's friends, and that's it.

How do you celebrate?

We never normally buy for each other but i found those boxless cadbury ones in quality save for 69p instead of £2.50 so treated him to one of those!!  

I normally by OH an egg, he buys me a box of back magic chocolates.

Kids all get new clothes, shoes, few eggs and a small toy or DVD. This year they aren't getting any dvds and as es only got new trainers as part of his birthday presents he's not getting any more as they're too expensive.

We never buy our girls eggs because they get so many others. This year we have bought DD1 a case for her Kindle and DD2 Happy Feet 2 on DVD.

I have a huge baileys egg waiting under the stairs, courtesy of DH!

we get eggs for the boys, and I'll do a hunt for them as well.

New clothes for Easter are apparently an old old tradition ... to do with attending church on Easter Sunday in your best. Robin nearly got that - he has an, erhhm, toilet related explosion in a playcentre and was 'treated' to an entire new outfit by DH ... does that count? Gorgeous t-shirt mind, at 'only' £10 equivalent when most of them were £15 (though there was a Disney Pixar character range involved) and he ended up with jodhpurs as they were the only trousers in his size in the shops DH went into!

Mine got Swedish Easter eggs on Thursday - when the Easter witches fly off to the blue hill to dance with the devil - these were plastic or patterned card eggs with sweets inside. The witches go door to door exchanging Easter cards or pictures for candy, traditionally, but the village had a crafts and egg hunt on the school field so it all happened there. I've got a Cadburys Easter egg for each of the boys - bought when I was in Dublin in February (there are advantages to seasonal stuff hitting the shops ridiculously early!) and a choc bunny each for myself and DH. When I told him this he confessed that he hadn't thought about getting anything, but he did buy some nice chocs today so I'll let him off!

I've never done toys etc, unless as an alternative to eggs .. one 'godson' type child was off dairy for a couple of years and I got him a threepack of Ben10 jet balls in lieu of a egg one year ... well they were sort of very round eggs!


We forgot to get eggs from the easter bunny :O Ive had to pretend that my dad phoned this morning and the easter bunny has left some round at his house!  Cant believe we forgot, never ever forgotten before.  

We don't usually bother but this year we did for some reason. LOL Miss P!