Do You Spend Your Life On The School Run?


Not here (unfortunately!!) but actually on the real school run. The AA says that a third of parents spend between 10 and 49 hours a month ferrying kids about, and 2% spend over 50 hours per month!

I've just sat and worked out how much I spend, and its getting on for 31 hours a month, and i don't even do a regular school run! Are you a 'family taxi'?

No, Es walks to school unless it is raining very very hard and then DH will take him because he has a long walk.

Ys goes on school transport because his special school is in the next town.

For the last couple of years, I have taken ds to school and then had to drop dd at primary.  I also drive to pick him up, bring home and then usually have time to walk round to meet dd from school.  This works out to around 34 hours a month, which surprised me!

Dd starts at the same high school in September, so I expect I shall have to drive them both to start with, but hopefully they can catch a bus together before too long.

I only spent 4 a bit hours a month. I drop the girls at school on my way into work and they walk back. When it starts getting dark in the afternoon/evenings, I'll go get whichever one is on a 445pm finish. Be even less when they go back next week as I won't be going to

I homeschool so zero hours lol.

Our school run usually takes two hours a day, because we walk there and back, so if you totted those hours up it'd be a bloody long time. But I don't count it, because it's also exercise, and not stressfful. Sitting in the car for that amount of hours would drive me insane. 

Its not just the school run, though, is it? Its the football club run, the swimming club run, the Brownies / ballet / gym club run. I don't do a school run at all as P goes in a taxi, but I still manage to spend hours and hours ferrying her to places every month.

That's true, until about a month ago Olly was doing after school clubs every single day of the week, plus horse riding on a saturday. He's down to 3 nights a week plus saturdays now, but God alone knows what a mess it'll be once George starts doing clubs and activities. 

70 plus a month on average, which will no doubt go up when W is allowed to do after school clubs 

It's daft how long each journey takes!  Less than a mile each way, but a pick up or drop off can take 20 minutes or more!  Two afternoons/evenings a week seem to be spent in an endless round of journeys.  The main school pick-ups and drop-offs are part of my journey to work, though there is still the walk up to the school gates and the waiting!

I worked out one day I'd done over 8 hours driving kids to and fro - we moved house quickly after that.