Wedding outfit help

ooh - second one! Just so summery and 'weddingy'!


Too many people will be in the second style though as it's the in ashion at the moment

I fell in love with the first, but DH said he preferred the second. But then, he's not wearing it, so bugger him!

Jacs that's my worry, shopping at Coast, you just know someone else will be wearing the same dress, and she'll be a size 6 with legs up to her armpits!

but a size 6 won't look good in that dress, it's designed for someone with a figure, not a stick insect

From the back, number one looks like it's about to fall off....

Like number two better, but yes there wil probably be a lot of them around...

I love the first one, it's stunning.

Think that the first one will be very flattering for anyone who is not a size 6 stick insect too.

Perhaps you need to order them both (and if you forget to send the other one back.....)

I like the first one better. I think it only looks as if its going to fall off because the model is rather stick-like and has acorn shoulders.

Definitely the first, too many people will have something similar if not the second one because it is very summer weddingy.