Fandabidosy Friday


Another nothing planned day, I need to find my motivation but it's in hiding  

So far it'd not raining, but it probably will at 3pm
Have a good day everyone

I've never felt the same about them since I learnt they were swingers.

Yes, because when you just knew that she was a middle-aged woman pretending to be a prepubescent boy it was so much better?

Lol Daedy.

I've got up to wait for the Anglian windows bloke, for a visit between 8 & 1... he's been and gone already.... YAY!!

Crumpets and coffee now, then a phone call to find out if the uniform shop have anymore of the summer uniform in, gratefully the school have proved everyone with 2 new shirts each, but I still want a couple more so I haven't got the machine rumbling everyday!!


Morning, sunny here at mo but due to change so I've my washing out in the hope of getting some dry.

God help the ones that work for OH his mood is black all because the caravan he wanted is sold.... T'is apparently my fault... What's new there.

I agree with Corris on the Krankie thing.

Not sure what to do today. Sunny here but due to rain  later.

What's a Krankie?

I've been mega-busy this morning, got up and went for a run at 5am as listening to DH snore was making me want to maim him. Did the ironing afterwards, got Olly to school and got the housework done while George had his nap. Cuppa now, then off out for lunch with DH this afternoon. We went to a lovely place a couple of weeks ago called San Giovanni, rookie mistake to take George, he spent the whole time yawping, attempting to pull the tablecloth off and shouting "ball", so today will probably have to be KFC.

DH is off to Portugal tomorrow, so I'm trying to get everything possible done today so we can have an easy weekend without him, it sounds terrible but occasionally it's lovely having the boys to myself for a weekend. *hanging head in shame*

Need a "like button" for Daedy's comment lol!! I hated the Krankies, gave me the creeps!!
Have been shopping then forgot where I parked the car but eventually found it after a stroll round the car park, lucky the sun is shining. Going to chill with my girls then try a nap later as shattered from a rough night and huge fall out with a girl I've been friends with for 35 years yesterday :(
Have a great day all!!