Smiling Saturday


Ive had a very dark couple of days, not been good at all, but today i have woke up feeling alot better, fingers crossed i will keep this feeling all day 

Not doing much today, few comps, bit of food shopping, need to do some homework for my cbt, and thats about it.  

Its pouring down here so im happy about that too :-)

Hope everyone has a lovely day xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Hope the good feeling stays too Miss P

I went out after hubby got back from Youth club last night, a group of mums from reception were having a night out, but I missed the meal part just joined them for drinks. It was funny being the only sober one and I so wished the video camera on my phone hadn't been playing up, I could have made a fortune.

Not doing much today, hubby is working, yet again!!

I guess he has to work when others don't Jacqui does he?

Miss P I'm pleased today is a good day.

I too have been comping this morning - and shortly I am going to get organised and OH and I are taking SS job hunting.  It really is a tiresome business this raising of children.

Yay for feeling brighter Miss P, fingers crossed it stays that way for a while. 

DH left at 4am for Portugal, I think he was hoping I'd get up and see him off, unfortunately the cat lay on my legs and prevented me leaving the bed, so the boys and I were asleep til 7 (unheard of for Olly, DH ought to go away more if it makes O sleep better). They're both pottering in pj's at the minute, we've got friends over this afternoon and Olly is off to see his Dad for a while. 

Need to take the mutt out for a prance but the weather is vile, pffft. 

Weather is quite nice here, sunny and not too cold but showers are forecast, mind you they were yesterday but it stayed nice all dayB)

Miss P, sorry to hear you've had a few bad days, fingers x today is the first of many good ones (hugs).  Enjoy your day and your rain!!

OA, is DH away for business or pleasure? - do you have lots of plans for you and the boys?

I am 44 today.  I don't know how the hell I managed to get so old but I still feel 24 in my head and have all my own teeth so all is not lost.  
I'm going away later today for a night away to

with OH, he has booked us an executive room with a jacuzzi so my plan is to sit in the bubbles while drinking bubbles.:D:party:

ursh x

Very nice Ursh, have a lovely birthday and as you are younger than me you aren't old

Wow Ursh that sounds fun, hope it's a great day for you both!

He's on a golfing weekend/stag do, his mates are all mid 30's and most have kids, so they're asightly less likely to get into trouble (but there's still some pillocks going, so you never know). The boys and I are loving the peace, to be honest, and tonight we're going to have supper at a chinese place in town, it's been quite lovely chilling out with them (aside from Olly locking himself in the downstairs loo and needing evacuating). 

Happy Birthday, Ursh.

It has been a good day here too, despite the weather forecast of lots more rain, it has been quite sunny.

Ds wanted to find some more geocaches, so we set out on a walk that has 5 along the trail, but we only found 4 of them.  Came home and looked at the website again, where it said the location of one of them had been moved, so we will have to have another trip out to find that and another one in the same area.

We also went to a local park where the kids had a good time on the playground,  I had hoped to tire them out, but unfortunately not, lol.