Oh, this process is so slooooooooowwwwwwwwwww

You & your kids 

Well it is! Given we started this process back in- October, was it?- and its now pushing May, it's been a while. I'd hoped to start transitioning Alex this term, as soon as possible really, guess that isn't happening any time soon!!!

Where we stand now is that the LEA have been in touch with the new school, and the new school have given an initial response saying they think it would be best for Alex to start the year below ( which is what I wanted them to say, it means the head has approved this) but they still have concerns and and thy have t have a meeting to best decide how they will meet Al's social and emotional needs. Then they will write a report, undoubtedly requesting extra hours, then no doubt after another long and interminable wait, it will go back to panel at the LEA.

So it's all chuntering along, but oh my, i wanted it organised yesterday lol. Alex keeps asking why he can't start going for lessons there (at parents evening, one of the staff said Al could visit 'next month' of course Alex didn't tack the implied 'all being well' onto the end and thinks well its April now and I haven't been, why not??? So he keeps berating me about that... but you SAID Mum!!!! grrrrrrrrrrrrrrr well actually no it wasn't me lad...

Anyway, rant over. it's all proceeding as it should, but my goodness, its slow...

So which school is this?

The one I'd chosen.

The head of his current school said he'd set up a meeting with school no 1 that I visited, and I haven't heard anything, far as I'm concerned I'm not the one pushing for a meeting- I agreed to it, but didn't ask for it-so I'm not going to follow it up!!! Meantime, I'm still going through the process for the chosen school.

I'd be inclined to ring and ask for a day when Alex can visit