Short and curly


Hair, I mean (what DID you think I meant?)

For years, as long as I can remember, I had long, thick wavy mousey brown hair, inclined to frizz, anyway last year I had it cut really short and now its coming through curly (one presumes without the weight of the rest of the hair pulling it down?)

I also used to dye it, dark mostly but sometimes red, till I dyed it so much it became damaged and orangey lol not a good look. Then later I had the hairdressers dye it but that works out expensive. Might try a home dye again one of these years.

I love my short hair, although it frequently looks a bit mad as it seems to naturally want to go into a quiff- morning bed hair is an adventure every day!!!

What is your hair like and do you like it? 

My hair is long and blonde (dyed), it's naturally curly which I hate so my ghd's are my best friend and I straighten it everyday (poor dd had all this still to come as her hair is the same though naturally blonde)

Natural Mousey colour, but at present it's dyed copper (doesn't look it), is fine, flyaway and greasy and is just below shoulder length with a mind of it's own, it needs volume but won't take a perm and I guess I proabably like it once a month or so when it goes just right

Past my shoulders, wavy, thick and blonde. It's naturally mucky blonde so I get highlights a few times a year at Toni & Guy. I can't afford to get them done all the time, but I'm quite lucky that the roots aren't dark, so it still looks ok after a couple of months. It's a bit like Bee Gee hair, so I dry it straight. I quite like it, but tbh it's not something I pay much atention to. 

Olly has the most beautiful hair ever, it's thick, and white blonde, with a little tiny curl to it. Mine was like that as a child, but his is so much nicer. And George had beautiful thick, sandy blonde hair which has little white highlights in. How God can see fit to give such lovely hair to such dirty little boys is beyond me. When Olly was very small he rubbed a large fistful of spagheti sauce into his hair and it was like hair dye; it took a good fortnight for the orange to come out completely. 

Do you like yours, EB, or do you wish you'd kept it longer?

No, I love it short. I always believed short hair would make me look like a bowling pin (as I am very large) and having longer hair was somehow necessary to compensate for having three chins but to my surprise it really suits my face. And its more manageable, because it was SO thick before, and hairdrying was out of the question because it just frizzed, so that when I washed it it could be wet for 12 or more hours. Ugh.

I sometines use one of the mousse dyes in a redish brown. They are less messy.

Shoulder length, chestnutty brown, straight with a few layers in it and i have a fringe.   I quite like it, I have to dye it every couple of months because I have a few grays coming through but chestnut brown is pretty much my natural colour.  I had it blonde for many a year, and red as well before going back to my 'natural' colour.  

My hair is red  (dyed) shoulder length and curly, and i hate it.  I cant straighted it because it is so curly, it takes me about 2 hours to straighten and then starts to frizz up within 20 mins, even with GHDs.  I used to have short curly hair and thats where i got my nickname betty boo from!