Recession triggers a return to outdoor play.


Outdoor play is making a come back as cash-strapped parents swap spending on DVDs and the cinema for free days out in the park, research suggests.

A poll of 1,250 UK parents of school-age children suggests 44% of youngsters are now spending more time playing outside than they did two years ago.

Many parents recognise that trips to local parks and open spaces can be cost-effective days out.

But time and the weather are the greatest obstacles, the survey adds.

The research for food manufacturer Arla's Kids Closer to Nature campaign, suggested 70% of parents are spending less on entertaining their children than they did two years ago.

And three-quarters of the parents surveyed said they knew they could have a cheap day out visiting parks and green spaces. Four out of 10 opted for a budget trip to the seaside.

Author and children's play campaigner Tim Gill said: "Times are hard, so parents have to make savings.

"But the good news is that families are realising that fresh air costs nothing.

"Getting under the open sky - whether in a local park or the great British countryside - is the perfect way for kids to explore, have adventures and feed their curiosity and imagination."

See, there is a positive side to the recession after all!

Are your kids spending more time on outdoor play than they used to?
ursh x

We take the kids out alot anyway as Ys would drive us round the bend otherwise. The first thing we do when we go somewhere new is find a place he can do "runnings".
We are lucky that there are a couple of country parks around here ( still need to drive there mind).

 A lot of the time we spend with the brats is outdoors and always has been. The only problem at the moment is hubby is working every weekend and I won't take C out with the others without hubby

I'd say about the same here as well, but then we go to the park fairly often - just a shame we have to drive to anywhere decent...

Yep, having two boys is like having two insane puppies; they need daily exercise or they drive me up the wall. It's true though, we do tend to do free stuff whenever we can; a picnic and a dog walk, a bike ride, a trip to feed the ducks etc. Partly because we like being outdoors, but also because doing family days out at adventure parks is bloody expensive; Legoland cost us £250 for the day, and then Olly wanted to go back a week later. 

Probably a good thing, tbh, because not enough children do get outdoors away from their tv's and DS's.

Free has always been my favorite word as far as activities go and when my 2 were younger I was always looking for things to do as well as the usual park,beach, moutain trips so would keep an eye out for anything advertised in the local papers for activities

Weekend is our bonding time when I was a kid. So if ever I'll be having children, I'll make sure that we will have time to bond.

I've always liked 'free' too.

Since ds discovered geocaching, he wants to go out for walks and we are getting to see some areas (even local ones) that we haven't been to previously.  Unfortunately dd still isn't so keen on the walking bit so we have to compromise sometimes in finding somewhere to visit that she likes and then just happening to have to look for a local cache!

 Welcome to the forum Maylon, and glad to hear it!

Janey what is geocaching?

ursh x

Christiesgal wrote:

Janey what is geocaching?

ursh x

Geocaching is basically, an, outdoor treasure hunting game using GPS-enabled devices, (I use my phone). Participants navigate to a specific set of GPS coordinates and then attempt to find the geocache (container) hidden at that location.

You can join the site for free and search for local caches, or caches in an area you are going to visit.  It is ideal to combine with a dog walk!  Finding a geocache is also on the list of things to do before you are 11 that has been publicised before.

 That sounds fun, I'm useless with technology though!