Tuesday 24th


Had a text a 7am this morning from Jobi1kernobi to let me know she'd had a  little boy, Brandon Michael at 12.25am, weighing 6lb 5oz. Now that's one text I don't mind that early

CAMHS meeting for C later, then this afternoon I'm going around a friends for coffee

How wonderful! Jacqui please pass on many congrats from us here at TSR :) What lovely news!

Today I will be tidying a bit, then we have social services round later, after school. The Children with Disabilities team I hasten to add, not the Children at Risk one!!! Apparently they need to reassess us. I am a little worried though as I've been tipped the wink by my shared carer that Cuts Are Being Made and I might lose my services. Bah.

We aren't heavy service users- Al goes to youth group once a week during term time with a shared carer and occasionally out to McDonalds or similar in the hols *shrug* so dunno how much they are hoping to save!

After that though we're heading to my mother's for tea, she's 60 today and I am cooking tea :)

Yay it's lovely to wake up to such great news!

Boys were both up through the night so I'm running on the last vapours of energy reserves. DH home around 6pm so soon as he turns up I'm prancing off to bed; looking after these two has been fun but knackering. Have a new-found respect for anyone doing parenting solo. 

My Aunt and Uncle are coming for lunch, and Olly's new bike is being delivered (his Dad borrowed his at the weekend, took him out for a ride on it, Olly got poorly halfway round the route so his Dad ditched his bike and took him home, went back for the bike a few hours later and it'd gone. No bleeding surprise, given it was a not-very-old BMX, but that's a whole other rant). So, no school for O as his temperature is still sky-high and he's not eating at all. George heard Olly crying in the night and decided to get in on the action so I gave up at 4am and embraced sleeplessness. Off to mainline some black coffee and dig out the Pro Plus.

I've listed all my horsey stuff for sale on a local site. I'm feeling rather sad about it, as its basically admitting that I am not going to get another horse any time soon, and my lovely Ella is well and truly gone (she was well and truly gone in April 2010 but I'm slow like that). Hopefully other local horsy people will be able to make use of my stuff, though.

Great news about Jobi, and happy birthday to your mum, EB, and I hope the news from SS isn't too bad.

I hope the kids decide to nap soon, OA so you can have a rest, too.  Is O's dad paying for the replacement bike??!!

Aww BFG, I hope so too.   The owner of 'my' riding stables went to a show the other week and had their saddles stolen while they were sleeping in the trailer!

Lovely news about Jobis baby, maybe someone can entice her on here to put some pics up?!

Hope Olly feels better soon, and you manage a decent sleep tonight OA.  Good luck with the SS EB - hope they don't take too much away from you, nothing you feel you/A really need anyway!
Good luck with the CAHMS meeting Jacqui.
Hope you get a decent price for your horsey stuff BFG, and you should give yourself a little treat with the proceeds to compensate for no horsey for now.

I'm full of cold, been gymming and done a bit of shopping and that's it really.  Think I'll take the dog for a nice long walk soon as the sun is threatening to come out but I'm bored stiff of going the same places, might have to do a google for somewhere different but not too far away.

ursh x

Thanks Ursh. I have a cunning plan though. I'm going to ask for lots and lots more... heehee... then they may well refuse that ultimately but hopefully leave what we do have intact.

Am also ignoring the housework, because if lady comes round to a tidy(ish) house then that's as good as saying 'hello, we cope fine, we don't need any services' so although its a bit of a state I'm not doing anything about it (bar spraying the Febreze about a bit, because my house does smell of cat and I feel sorry for visitors who have to inhale it)

We're having a bad day here. Ys is in melt down mode and I'm shattered thanks to dd not sleeping last night. I've taken them for a walk even though it was pouring down but us just won't settle so I'm ready to run for the hills.

C had a good morning, but not afternoon, I ended up collecting him from school only to find he's self harmed again.