Wale Wednesday


Meeting a friend this morning and then meeting another friend this evening - if hubby gets home at a reasonable time.

W has football after school which means no rushing this afternoon

Have a good time catching up.  Why is it Wale Wednesday? 

I'm meeting up with my friend today and my godson - was hoping to take him somewhere outdoorsy but the weather is looking dire.  Soft play it is then!

ursh x

Morning! Hospital appt this morning for the boy re his swollen lymph nodes, which of course have gone right down again... grr! I mean its good, but they have gone down and come up again before, they'll be up again next week and in the meantime Al will have been checked and discharged no doubt!

Then out for lunch, then after that I have an psych appointment, we're hoping to get in a visit to the material shop (me) and the sweetie shop (the boy) before my appointment

It is absolutely LASHING it town here, most unpleasant

It is going to rain for the most part of the day here now according to the forecast.

I am hopeful of out with DH later but it depends on his work.

I've been into school this morning, for my volunteering time.  This afternoon after school is supposed to be the Easter Egg hunt, which was postponed before due to bad weather.  Looks like it may be cacelled yet ....

Hospital appointment today for my 6 weeks post operation.   It is pouring here, so not going to be a pleasant drive to the hospital.

Raining here as well. I took the girls to school, picked up my neice and took her, dropped sister in town, went to Tesco.... pooped now...lol
But I am looking forward to going out to dinner with my friend later on, its our monthly ladies dinner, except I missed it last month as it was on my birthday.
I need to stop now & drink tea ;)


Gah it's dreadful weather here. I've bunged a chilli and a casserole in the oven for lunch and tea, George is at nursery and Olly is finally back at school so I'm catching up with all the cruddy jobs I left over the weekend; found mud trodden into the arm of the sofa, dog nose-drool up the front room windows and heaps of washing to do. Bah. 

Olly wants to go out for a ride on his new bike after school, considered walking Phoebe but I got her lead out and she refused to move off the sofa, so it's not looking likely. 

Christiesgal wrote:
 Why is it Wale Wednesday? 

I was trying to think of something original to start with W when I came across a list of unusual words, Wale means to choose, the act of choosing and I liked it so chose to use it

awesome, I didn't know that word. I assume its pronounced like wail, whale?

Well Alex was discharged, but the doc says the very fact the lumps have gone down are a sign they aren't anything sinister, evn if they then come up again. Lots of kids have them apparently, some kind of mild post viral something, no treatment necessary. So I'm not worried.

And I've been discharged too! Yup, I've now been stable for long enough that I don't have to be overseen by a psychiatrist any more- whoohoo!

Great news EB.

Dh and I went out. We bought badminton rackets, shuttlecocks, a swimbag for Ys and I bought 2 pairs of trainers (not ones for badminton though will get those in the next couple of weeks as Dh foot is still swollen).
I wanted to go to the hobbycraft shop but as it was bucketting it down we didin't bother I wasn't that desperate for anything.

Hope everyone else had a good day