It's just not Shakespeare...


All's Well That Ends Well has another author as well as William Shakespeare, according to research from Oxford University academics.

Thomas Middleton has been revealed as the most likely co-author, according to in-depth analysis of the play's vocabulary, rhyming, style and grammar.


Now I know this has been proven over and over again, most of the greatest artists, writers etc have had teams working with/ under them. So Why do I feel disappointed???

Oh, but...

"It is like a barber's chair that fits all buttocks."


If it makes you feel better EB it has been widely speculated about his authorship of just about any of his works for years.

Huge tracts of his works are said to be plaigiarised.

Oh, absolutely. I still feel a sense of disappointment when I hear that... oh, Michaelangelo didn't really paint all of the Sistine Chapel, for example.

I guess the lonely genius is, for the most part, a fiction, for all  I've read that Shakespeare was supposed to have been a bit of an unpleasant and antisocial person!

ElectronBlue wrote:
... for all  I've read that Shakespeare was supposed to have been a bit of an unpleasant and antisocial person!

Autistic? :)

Possible Daeds or he was just very focused on his work and nothing else.

Sensible moderator response: I don't know Daeds, I've never read anything suggesting Shakespeare was autistic, and a favourite game in autism circles is 'spot the autist in history'- we've claimed the likes of Tesla and Einstein, for example. In fun, because nobody can or should retrospectively diagnose someone.

Cross Mama response: 'unpleasant and antisocial' can in no way be synonymous with 'autistic' and a smily doesn't make what you just said there any less offensive... :angry: My son is neither of those things.

I know what you mean about feeling slightly miffed; I felt the same when we visited the Sistine Chapel and read all about the other nameless underlings who did pretty much all the work, then they tell you that after a few bashes at cleaning it, it's been re-painted so most of what you see wasn't touched by Michelangelo at all. But it doesn't lessen the beauty of the piece, and the same applies to Shakespeare's works; they're no less wonderful for having been potentially writen by/with someone else. Didn't Einstein say "the secret to creativity is to hide your sources"? 

Maybe they should get Dr Who to finish it, he did a marvellous job with Martha.