Tipping it down again Tuesday


It's been the wettest April since records began and to help May beat it it's doing it again today.

Not much happening today as Ys id off. Not sure waht is wrong with him just generally not well.

OA I hope you and George are feeling better today and anyone else I missed who feels poorly.

Horrible weather
C in a stroppy mood which doesn't bode well for CAMHS this morning, W doesn't want to go to school and I just want to go back to bed.

Hope YS picks up soon Brandie and that George is much better today OA and that everyone has a day that isn't reflected by the foul weather

I have a plumber coming - in fact, two.

The bad news is they aren't worth watching in action - but by the end of the week I will have a combi boiler, water pressure, and the opportunity to replace my bathrooms.

Oh yes.

It's raining again....... still, two have lunches in hand, one has had bacon and egg roll for breakfast - and the last one is getting up shortly.

I start my new job today - first day on the job - first meeting tonight.  I was dreading it.  I have been dealing exclusively (except for the interview) with the person I am replacing, and she is difficult.  She may want to leave, but she sure as eggs doesn't want me to know anything or be facilitated to take over in any way at all.

Yesterday I received my contract, all wrong, so I went above her head to another colleague.

Oh my goodness my day looks different today than yesterday!  Yesterday I was considering turning it down actually, even though I need the money so bad, the run in has been so horrid. 

After a chat with someone who will be a future colleague they are wonderful, she will be gone, and they consider that working with me 'will be a breath of fresh air' and they can't wait...... seems I'm not the only one she's been rubbing up the wrong way!  How lovely.

So, I feel very different this morning.

Morning all :)
Hope Oa and George are feeling better this morning.
Hope your ya feels better soon Brandie x
Hope the day gets better Jac x
That's fab Corris x She certainly doesn't sound very nice at all, luckily for the other staff you are replacing her x 
Another morning where we all slept in till gone 8 :) Got to go and pick up Riley's blind to finish off his room - we opened one yesterday from Argos and it had 3 holes and 2 tears in it! Just got to wait for spiderman to arrive to go on the wall and his room is done :)
Starting Finn's room today so have all his bits in our room and the bathroom! 
Have a nice day everyone x

That's wonderful Corris! Best of luck today

Alex is off sick. He isn't really THAT sick, he has a cold that's making him feel achy and a bit wretched, and I picked him up from school yesterday looking really rather pale and unwell. He's only a little subdued at the moment, and has walked to the corner shop for lip salve, but I expect he will spend most of the day in front of the telly before too long is up.

Corris I was thinking about it the other day, often you post about your house now, paint, carpets, boiler... your fixer upper must be shaping up into a really nice home now! How lovely :)

It's raining again.... sigh.

Today I will be partly amusing the boy, partly working, and I must dash out and sow some broccoli too as the packets say I should have done it by now lol oops

It appears plumbers don't work in the rain - obviously don't like getting wet.

Tomorrow I shall have two plumbers....

LOL@ plumbers who don't like getting wet!
Corris Good luck in the new job it sounds like your new colleagues are going to help you.

YS already on the playstation but not for long.

Morning all
Sounds like everyones been having fun, hope all the poorlies get better soon.
Plumbers not working in the rain indeed!!

I'm waiting for the roofer to call to say when they will be coming today, only a temporary repair. And being a bit thick as I've never had to make a claim, I rang again this morning to see if there was anything else I had to do, der.... make a claim for damages, so I am waiting for an assessor to come now as well.
At least the ceilings haven't come in yet...:P

Thanks for the kind thoughts everyone, George seems a bit brighter today, we've both been to the Dr and I've got antibiotics for tonsillitis (as if we haven't seen that enough times already) and Dr took bloods from George to test for anaemia as he's so run-down.

Meh at the plumbers who don't like wet, ridiculous behaviour!

EB I hope A is feeling better soon, gentle hugs to him. And yay o sowing broccoli, our garden is so far behind what with all the illness and crap weather we've hardly spent any time out there. How's the allotment looking now, is anything in the ground yet?

Corris, she sounds dreadful, no wonder they can't wait to be working with you, hope it all goes as smoothly as possible.

Roosmum yay for the lie-ins, your boys are most definitely magic, are they excited about their new rooms?


Hope all those that are sick are feeling better soon.

Good luck Corris with the new job and fx sparkle that the builder can get you sorted out pretty quickly.

Its dry here so far so i've one load of washing on the line and another waiting to go out when its finished, im hoping it dries before the rain starts.  Its pouring where OH is so i'll expect the rain to be here eventually.

I need to go out to get a few bits that I forgot to buy in tesco yesterday so we'll do that in a bit.  Other than conquoring ironing mountain we've not much else planned.

Alex seems bright and breezy still so I've set him to mucking out his room, or a part of it anyway. He's just removed about seven loads of towels and clothes from his floor- sheesh- never knew he had so many! Someone gave us a couple of bin bags stuffed with teen boy clothes a few years back, which Al now fits, but he is reluctant to throw away his old ones (which now show way too much ankle) as he finds change so difficult, but we're overdue for a cull, methinks!