Transylvanian Thursday


C says he's reading a vampire book at school (well it's been read to him) and keeps talking about blood and gore 

I have a load of washing to do and clear up the bombsite that is my living room adn then later I need to go to my local craft centre to see the lovely embroidery man who does t-shirts for C for me

Ooooh, what are you having done?

I have physio today, and I may say that my back is very much WORSE this week after the last appointment... not sure if that's to be expected, or if I'm doing the exercises wrong or what!

Raining, so allotment isn't going to happen, but I have to go to Royal Mail and ask for a parcel and hope they let me have it even though I lost the slip, and also call at the dentists as I have an appointment some time and I'm damned if I remember when.

Then a few bits to buy at Lidl but not too much as need to shop Monday for birthday food. Don't dare do it earlier as it won't last.

Might be that none of the above happen though... ate some leftover baked beans and quorn 'meat'balls earlier for breakfast, and a very large coffee, and now I'm feeling rather unwell, hopefully it will pass!

Another skull t-shirt, it's getting really hard to find t-shirts C likes in his size, plain ones aren't good enough nor are those with words on, so it's either pay a fortune online or for half the price get the embroidery man to do his magic. 
We've had freaky South American skulls, flowery mexican ones, a S.W.A.T one and some plain skulls, all unique and I've never had to pay over £10 and that includes the t-shirt

No school here today. A lot of the schools are closed because they are polling stations for the council elections so it has been made an inservice day for all the schools. DH has taken DD1 with him to help with some work he is doing so DD2 and I are about to get dressed and go to Tesco.

Three loads of washing done and out, Ive the bags packed just have to nip to tesco in a bit then we're heading to Donegal, prices there are frightening for things so after eating out all last weekend Ive told OH I'll bring basics from here.
Now all i'll need is for OH to finish at a decent time so we can get on the road.  If he comes home and says he's a meeting tomorrow I'll kill him.

That's really very good value Jacqui!

tummy behaving now, dunno what came over me. went out, but forgot to do parcel so will have to go out again d'oh!

Quiet day at work today.  House needs tidied when I get home, got loads of laundry needing done and the kids beds need changed.  I'm hoping I can put those off til the weekend.

Weather a bit naff, cold and grey looking.  Can you til it's almost a bank holiday weekend?

THE ROOFERS BEEN!!! Yay... cleared the guttering and the valley, doesn't do anything else as an emergency... could've gotten up there and done that myself!!! Still got to wait for the insurance report for the internal stuff so fingers crossed we get that bit. xx

I love the sound of your tshirt man... could we get you a discount if we all use it as well?? ;)

Afternoon all :)
Managed to over lay this morning - not sure where all this sleeping in is coming from lol! Got roo to preschool and have been sorting out upstairs all day. Nearly back to normal up there after all the decorating - the downstairs is a whole different ball game though lol! Thought I'd do all the housework as well whilst I was there and I've washed all the nets :) I shall be done by the weekend lol x 

sparkledust wrote:

I love the sound of your tshirt man... could we get you a discount if we all use it as well?? ;)

I'm sure if I have enough orders he'd give us a discount

Well the weather is wrecking havoc on journeys all round today, to get to a friends house I would have to do a 15 mile detour as both ends of her village are closed due to flooding. After going to the craft centre I had to go on the bypass as the way I wanted to go was closed due to flooding, even had a car stuck in the middle of the flood. At least 4 more main routes through the surrounding villages are flooded as is the mill one of my friends drives past to get to and from work. A couple of schools have been closed and yet we are officially in a drought area