Fun three day weekend Friday


YS still poorly. he keeps throwing up bile.

Stripping the walls again today i hope.

Weather is dank again. I think my toes are starting to web up in all this rain!

Must admit I was expecting to see a stupid Star Wars title for today, really pleased that it isn't

Hope YS gets better soon.

As for a fun three days, no chance! Hubby is out all day today and then working everyday until God knows when, on top of which C is heading to a major meltdown.

Nothing exciting here either, I think my get up & go got up & left.... I know I've got to go into town for something, fr the life of me I can't remember what.
DH is working the weekend but is off Monday... still I don't make plans as his rosters can change over night more often than not... the promise of a pork roast dinner might sway


Morning :)
Hope YS feels better soon Brandie x
Hugs Jac x
Mmmm roast pork yummy sparkle x
Roo is at preschool, I need to blitz downstairs and do some ironing. I want to get it all done before tomorrow then we have a free weekend :) 
Have a lovely Friday everyone x

Dd has a training day today, but ds doesn't, so I still had to be up early for him.  No plans for the weekend yet, will have to wait and see what the weather brings ....


Another drizzly day... when will this ever end? Ground wet and puddly from another heavy downpour last night. Had hoped to get to the allotment this weekend... yeah well! That won't be happening then!!!

Essentially I've lost a month at the allotment, and I was already behind. Am really worried.

Never mind eh? I'm sure in a couple of months we'll all be moaning about the drought...

Cat Theo is perched next to me cleaning his toes, he looks most comical! Love it!

Hope he's better soon Brandie, and hope C doesn't have his meltdown til G is around Jacs. 

George is perkier today, to the point where I quite miss him being poorly, as he's been jumping on the dog every time she's lay down anywhere. Poor girl, she's already got a dicky belly (she ate another dead mouse, bloody fool just does not learn) and I caught him standing on her and laughing a while ago. DH has taken him upstairs to do some manly DIY stuff. When I say manly DIY I mean they've been instructed to clean the bathrooms. What they're actually doing is anyone's guess.

pulling the legs off spiders probably, OA

Urgh, I wouldn't put anything past those two plonkers.  

Glad George is improving OA and I too will probably moan when Ys is back to normal and jumping around the place. Today bis the worst he's been so far. he hasn't moved off the sofa and is just so quiet and still.

 Hope C doen't have to major melt down.

Hopefully DH willbe putting together our new wardrobe this weekend as it looks like we won't be going anywhere.

We didn;t pay that for it though.

Ooh nice. Looks like mine, only mine's an IKEA.

The light suddenly changed here, and rain didn't look quite so imminent so I hot footed it off to the allotment to try and do some digging. Gah! It was like shifting concrete! But I got a patch about 2 by 2m dug and weeded so that was good. And some rhubarb picked. Crumble for dinner tomorrow!

Wellies got caked though, so when it was time to go I scraped them off as best I could, Then had the bright idea of standing in a puddle to clean them off more. We have tarps down, so it was clean water, so I thought ok, why not. This was when I realised neither of my wellies are especially waterproof! Oops!

Light's gone funny again now so glad I went when I did.